Need to connect to internet using wireless usb EVDO modem from PC to PS3

By bimal_kumar_sanghi ·
I want to connect to the internet using my wireless usb EVDO modem which I use for the desktop PC. Can connect to the PC without any problems. For first time setup I insert the wireless usb evdo modem into a USB port on the PC and it prompts to install the connection software. After installing I need to update the username and password in the settings of the connection. Which helps me connect to the internet

But I cannot do the same in my Playstation 3 as it does not auto allow the installation

I read some forums. I had to use my PC to connect to the PS3. There it was said I had to go the properties-advanced tab of the connection in network connections (I have Windows Xp)and under internet sharing had to check the first option which said to "Allow other network users....". And uncheck the other two options
I connected a CAT5E patch cable from my pc ethernet port to my PS3 ethernet port.
I do not see any of the link lights blinking on the ethernet side of the PC or the PS3 and am still not able to connect to the internet in my PS3

When I go to my PS3 and try to connect it is says "Ethernet cable not connected". I used my PS3 before for a wired internet connection and it used to work and since then there have been no changes and I pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the cable or the ethernet port on the PS3

Would there be some other settings I need to try to make the ethernet cable get detected by the PS3? And should the link lights blink if I have connected the ends to the PC and PS3

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firewall rules?

by Who Am I Really In reply to Unable to play online

did you configure the firewall (windows or other product)
to allow the PS3 to pass through the XP system unhindered?

these might help,

How to Configure ICS

Troubleshooting ICS

windows Firewall Info

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Here's your problem

by TobiF In reply to Unable to play online

It's very possible, that your mobile modem doesn't get any public ip, but a private one (which is behind a firewall).

As I'm writing this, I'm on a mobile internet connection myseilf. Let's see... (command prompt, ipconfig/all ... Huawei...)
Yes, my assigned IP address is Anything that begins with 10. is a private address.
I.e. when I connect somewhere, the other side will see a different ip address, which I share with quite a few other people on this mobile network.
(Just to check... Let's visit my very own checkip page on my web site,,, Yes: begins with 80.227)

Many games need to be accessible in "server mode", i.e. they need to be able declare that "incoming traffic to a certain ip address and a specific port, will reach this application".
In a home setting, where your router has received a public IP, this can be achieved by instructing the router to forward incoming traffic that arrive at a certain port to your computer on the internal network. This is called "port forwarding/virtual server". Can be configured in the settings of most routers, or requested automagically if the router supports uPnP.

But a mobile operator can't let you play with port forwarding. If they allowed uPnP, then some gamers would start fighting about access to different ports...

So what you've left, is just typical <a href="">NAT, Network Address Translation</a>, but, due to a large number of users on a shared address, this NAT needs to be more aggressive than a home router would be. So common techniques to virtually punch a hole through the NAT with help of an external server (Over on the wikipedia page for NAT, follow links for NAT traversal towards the end of the page if you got hooked.) may not work very well.

So far, we've discussed that you may have problems playing some games on your laptop. But <b>there's even more</b> to it.

>>Your PS3 is isolated from the internet by yet one layer. Your laptop may have a (private) 10.something address upstream. But downstream, it acts as a router with the internal address (or similar).

So, when PS3 tries to create a channel for responses from the internet, it has to "traverse" two routers.

There seems to be possible to set up port forwarding on your laptop, in order to support the first step of NAT traversal.

So, try configure this, then try again to see if your game will succeed in the NAT traversal.

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