Need to do a cleanup on Windows Vista

By jdclyde ·
A friend asked me to look at her daughters laptop, (I of course said yes). Turns out the puppy is running Vista. Let me start by saying I have not worked with Vista for more than 10 minutes before this.

It is an HP Pavilian DV6000 running Home Premium.

The first thing I went to look at was to see if there is an MSCONFIG to look at what is starting up. Is there a new way to check this?

Protection: It is running the Norton Protection Center, which of course is expired. What do you recommend? The plan is to uninstall and install AVG.

but how about malware? What packages would you recommend for vista? Both, to do a one time scan to check for bugs, and two, a long term solution to keep scanning as life goes on.

I see it has 1 gig of ram. Guess I should check into what it would take to get that bumped up to 2 gigs, huh?

Any other cleanup/optimization tips for Vista you can give?

She has two girls, and each has the same laptop, so will be repeating these steps again in a week.

Thanks all. I am probably going to get a pizza out of this!


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Looks like most everything has been covered...

by jimmy-jam In reply to Need to do a cleanup on W ...

I will tell you on my Vista Laptop I use

SpyBot S&amp
Windows Defender
Avira AntiVir Personal

Good Luck

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j-j, question please...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Looks like most everythin ...

have you ever used Avast? If so, how do Avira and Avast compare, please?


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by jimmy-jam In reply to j-j, question please...

I've never used Avast. I have heard good things about it. I guess I should give it a try sometime if for no other reason than curiousity's sake. I fear I am a creature of habit. Two things about free Avira I wish I could do away with and perhaps you can enlighten me. Avira pops up an ad from time to time extolling the virtues of the version that you must pay for and it doesn't scan email, only files resident on your drive which the latter isn't really a big deal for me since I would never open an unknown file without scanning it first but still...

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to No...

I haven't used Avira, hence my question.

Avast does scan email. Given I get a lot, and with attachments, from students that will open anything, I can't be without an email scanner.

Thanks for the tidbit. It is an important one for me!

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Hmm... cool

by jimmy-jam In reply to lol...

I may have to give Avast a look. If it offers more features (such as email scanning) it may prove more useful for me...

my problem is the calls I frequently get from my brother who, no matter how much protection I put up for him, always seems to manage to get some nasty something or other on his computer from the sites he goes to... you know the ones I'm talking about.

Thank YOU for the tidbit.

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No, we don't know

by jdclyde In reply to Hmm... cool


Do you have him running as USER?

Suggest he boot to a liveCD for his viewing pleasure. Will change his world, while he is rocking it....

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Oh yeah

by jdclyde In reply to No, we don't know

to make a point, put on rubber gloves before you work on his computer next time.... :^0

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by jimmy-jam In reply to No, we don't know

That would be pretty funny. I usually work on his PC via a LogMeIn session though. I think that would kind of lose its effectiveness

I'm going to plead the 5th on the second question as I know better but the answer would draw ridicule from my peers... I think I just gave myself away.

Perhaps I can set up a USER account for him and teach him how to "run as" when he needs to use his administrator privleges. I didn't set his PC up for him, he did that all by himself so I claim some redemption in that respect.

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It is called "nag ware"

by jdclyde In reply to No...

And how they get non-paying users to become paying customers.

The way around it, is to become the paying customer.... ;\

looks around for a way to give myself a thumb for helping YOU out.....

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They under estimate me

by jimmy-jam In reply to It is called "nag ware"

The level of my cheapness is immune to thier nagging...

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