Need to do a cleanup on Windows Vista

By jdclyde ·
A friend asked me to look at her daughters laptop, (I of course said yes). Turns out the puppy is running Vista. Let me start by saying I have not worked with Vista for more than 10 minutes before this.

It is an HP Pavilian DV6000 running Home Premium.

The first thing I went to look at was to see if there is an MSCONFIG to look at what is starting up. Is there a new way to check this?

Protection: It is running the Norton Protection Center, which of course is expired. What do you recommend? The plan is to uninstall and install AVG.

but how about malware? What packages would you recommend for vista? Both, to do a one time scan to check for bugs, and two, a long term solution to keep scanning as life goes on.

I see it has 1 gig of ram. Guess I should check into what it would take to get that bumped up to 2 gigs, huh?

Any other cleanup/optimization tips for Vista you can give?

She has two girls, and each has the same laptop, so will be repeating these steps again in a week.

Thanks all. I am probably going to get a pizza out of this!


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Avast vs Avira

by Dumphrey In reply to j-j, question please...

Avira is one of those stealth programs that gets under most peoples radar, but it has one of the best detection rates out there. Its low impact on the system, and has a free to home use version... but as pointed out, the free version does not scan email, and its naggy, also, AV updates are delayed compared to the paid version. If you pay for AV, I would purchase this over Avast! any day, but for free AV, the email scanner makes Avast a better option for most people.

Note: VB100 has added Ubuntu Linux server edition to its tested platforms. Interesting.

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How long have you

by jdclyde In reply to Looks like most everythin ...

been on Vista, and how long have you been using Avira?

Were you using Avira before Vista?

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8 months maybe???

by jimmy-jam In reply to How long have you

I don't remember the exact time frame. Less than a year for sure but rapidly approaching the year mark. I can't say I have a strong opinion one way or the other about it. Just like any other new OS windows drops it becomes a matter of where did they put the feature I need this time. The only thing that I really don't like is the wireless network setup. It is unintuitive (is that a word?) cumbersome and quite frankly a pain in the a$$. Once its set up it is fine though.

I was using Avira before Vista as a matter of fact I still have a Win2k desktop and a WinXP laptop.

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Concerned about the battery

by jdclyde In reply to Need to do a cleanup on W ...

shows the battery at zero.

I click on the icon in the taskbar, and shows it is running plugged in, and NOT charging.

I checked, and there is physically a battery in the laptop.

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I'd start with cleaning the contacts...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Concerned about the batte ...

on both the battery and the mobo (? - I guess that's where the battery connects ) and trying again. I just use alcohol and a Q-tip. Not enough alcohol to drip or squeeze easily off the end of the Q-tip though.

After that, I'm lost. There ought to be some way to test the battery before buying a new one, I would think.

I don't actually ever use mine battery only, except to run the battery down once in awhile.


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There are a few

by Jacky Howe In reply to Concerned about the batte ...

suggestions here that have helped others. I don't know if it will be of any help to you though. Worth a look.

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by jdclyde In reply to There are a few

will give HP a call this afternoon and see what they have to say for their miserable selves!

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How to delete Uninstall files

by NetMan1958 In reply to Need to do a cleanup on W ...

On the subject of cleaning up Vista, can anyone tell me where to find/delete the uninstall folders/files that are created when you install an update?

I'm talking about the folders that are created in XP in the Windows directory name KBUninstall......
or something like that when you install an update or service pack.

I've looked all over in Vista and can't find any such files/folders. On XP, I always delete them after I've been running the updates long enough to know they won't need to be removed.

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How long should Defrag take?

by jdclyde In reply to Need to do a cleanup on W ...

I left the dang thing going all night and it didn't finish.

The only thing that I could see for power settings was to turn off monitor after an hour, which shouldn't effect this, right?

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Over night should have been more then enough...[edit]

by Dumphrey In reply to How long should Defrag ta ...

I run defrag on my 500GB media disk over night, and it usually only takes a few hours. Is there a background task interrupting the defrag and causing it to start over?
laptop, hibernate, hibernate file... what power settings are there for plugged in? Any thing that may stop, interrupt defrag?

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