need to reformat Verbatum 8GB usb write-protected-HOW?

By katbirdmine ·
I have a 8 gb Verbatim USB
someone accidentally erased the V-safe folders

I see all files
Winxp says the drive is working etc

cannot reformat using HP reformat usb tool
because it is write- protected

Cannot paste new copy of V-safe for same write-protect reason.

I have searched but not found any solutions that work- has anyone have a solution?

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"someone accidentally erased the V-safe folders" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to need to reformat Verbatum ...

Well, that "someone" must have also had the password in order to gain entry to the drive.

As to "accidentally erased" I just don't buy that.

Without the V-safe folder(s) you have zero chances of access. Your USB Verbatim is SNAFU.

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yes it was accidental

by katbirdmine In reply to [i]"someone accidentally ...

it had been plugged in for some time-- the next operator owner wanted to clean up some files and didn't realize that the vault folder needed to be left there. . . And didn't realize the error until much later and we noticed that Norton wanted to "fix" something but was not able to.
don't even care about the info- it can be coppied --with difficulty
just would like the drive back- it is 8 GB

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Go to Verbatim

by ComputerCookie In reply to yes it was accidental

get a tool to fix the problem, it may cost money, it's up to you most companies have the same and they should work on any flash drive.

Look it up!!!!!

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For a moment I wasn't sure,

by ComputerCookie In reply to [i]"someone accidentally ...

but I looked again and for sure it was Mycroft, no don't tell me, you spent all weekend with your arse on fire WOW, isn't it time to retire!!!



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Mycroft is very pleasant fellow

by Dumphrey In reply to For a moment I wasn't sur ...

full of good cheer. Some days he makes me roll in the floor... but then I get all dusty and have ti curse his name....

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Tally-Ho !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to For a moment I wasn't sur ...

"If Flying Officer ComputerCookie would care to leave the ribbon, taxi out and take to the air please!"

"Sqdrn Ldr OldMycroft will be only too happy to re-introduce him to Terra Firma!"

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it's possible. . .

by katbirdmine In reply to [i]"someone accidentally ...

if ya leave it in the drive and it has been open for some time- someone who is a bit "absentee" is able to delete stuff then shut down and yank it out-- that is in fact how it did happen- and I have not had the time to fiddle and gave it up

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If you have no fear of loosing the whole data

by Dumphrey In reply to need to reformat Verbatum ...

partition, the use a Linux live cd and fdisk or gparted to format the flash drive as fat32. Then, when you plug it into a windows box, you can then reformat to NTFS. You will also loose the encryption binary on the disk, so you will need to download and install a version of this from verbatim. Or better yet, Truecrypt.

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Thank-you Dumphrey!

by katbirdmine In reply to If you have no fear of lo ...

I will certainly attempt that- I have used everything from safe boot operations to HP reformat tool and everything else I know of- nothing would cross the write barrier.
I will certainly attempt this solution- only I have never worked much with Linux although much intrigued by it all- but environments I was in was never kind-
Would you be so kind as to point me to this resource and also walk me through it?
I am not a total noob but may as well be in Linux. Thanks so much for responding

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Go to the following link

by Dumphrey In reply to Thank-you Dumphrey!

and download the live cd iso.
burn this to cd, and boot your computer from this cd. Just accept all defaults.
At the "desktop" you should be fine. Open gparted if its not open by default, and browse the view for your flash drive (most likely sda or sdb). Make sure you look at the SIZE of the disk to prevent erasing your main HD partition. It will be very similar to windows disk manager.
Use the menus to remove and reformat the flashdrive with fat32, primary partition.
Move the flashdrive to windows, reformat in diskmanager to ntfs.

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