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    Nero Burning Dvd’s


    by newjughead ·

    I use Nero to burn and I have 4 Sata Dvd burners in my machine. wheather burning dvd data or dvd movie it takes three times as long to burn 4 copies simultaneously than if i burn 2 at a time. Two drives will show ‘buffer level’ at 98% while the other 2 will show ‘buffer level’ at 10%, this switches constantly until the burn is completed. when i burn 2 discs at a time, both show buffer level at 98% constantly and the burn is much quicker. IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET ALL 4 BURNERS TO BURN AT ‘BUFFER LEVEL’ 98% CONSTANTLY? (p.s. i’m not burning anything illegal). Help is much appreciated.

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      by newjughead ·

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      Sounds like you need more memory..

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      You could try and use a 64 bit operating system for you work. With a 64 bit operating system the system uses the full amount of memory (depending on the motherboard limit). You might be able to go as far as 16gb of memory, but only if your motherboard can take this.

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      SATA Controller

      by thechas ·

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      You can check if memory is the issue by opening performance monitor and comparing memory usage between burning 2 and 4 disks at a time.

      I suspect you will find that you are not running out of memory. Instead, I think that when you are running 4 drives at once, you have exceeded the data rate through your SATA controller. The reason things run much slower than you might expect is that the SATA controller and the Nero program have to spend more time controlling the drives and buffers.

      You did not state what your source is. If another SATA drive or your hard drive, the problem could also be a data rate limit from the source drive.

      If you have an available PCIe slot, you can try installing a SATA controller card. Move a pair of drives to that controller and see what happens.

      If you are running out of either physical or virtual memory, I would start by allowing Windows to make virtual memory as large as it needs to. Click on advanced settings on the performance tab of system properties. Under virtual memory, make sure that the option to allow Windows to control settings is checked.


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      More hardware information required

      by nerostaff ·

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      I am a Nero employee and would like to assist you.

      If the suggestions mentioned by others didn’t help, it would be great if you could contact customer support and send more information about your hardware (mainboard, brand and model of your optical and hard disk units, etc.).

      You can contact technical support by visiting the following page:

      Or you can look for help in the My Nero community:

      Best regards

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