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.Net world - keeping updated

By onbliss ·
Okay, few confessions:
1)I have not being paying much attention to what is happening in the .Net world. Heard about .net 3.0 :-)
2) Have not been reading my MSDN magazine.
3) Free subscription to Visual Studio magazine just terminated :-)

Only I and Only I am to blame myself for not being up-to-date. Though I have recommended websites to .net newbies, here before, I would like some recommendations.

What are the websites and magazines that you frequent or read to keep yourself informed as far as .net programming goes? Where do you look for the latest take on architecture and design practices/patterns in the .net world? What do you read to see the future trend of .net?

A big thanks to you all.

ps: And by the way, I have been programming using vb.net/c# & asp.net for the last 3-4 years.

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No :0 I wouldn't go that far....

by dawgit In reply to Programmer, Yes. But do I ...

and I also hope not. I tend to agree with 'jmgarvin' in that M$ stands likely to shoot themselves in the foot on this, (a good, worthy program) as well as other issues. Especially here in Europe. (No, I don't believe it's bye-bye M$, but maybe a get-well card should be sent.)
But then, M$, and to fair others as well, are going to use web 2.0 as an excuse to flack up the the whole picture.

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Senior Programmer analyst in salinas

by yangmichell In reply to Programmer, Yes. But do I ...

Does anyone know where I can find a programmer analyst in salinas? They need to have .NET VB Visual basic and hand code from scratch

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by onbliss In reply to .Net world - keeping upda ...

Just bumping this thread up into visibility :-)

I would appreciate to know how people keep up to-date on this subject.

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by dawgit In reply to Bumping

Since we bumped into each other, How are you doing?
Seriously, I haven't heard much new on this subject. The only thing every-one keeps yap'n about is 'Vista' this, and 'Vista' that. The rest of the software programs out of Redmond have taken a back seat. I'm begining to wonder if maybe we should watch our backs.... ? I'm not alone on this either, it makes one wonder what is really going to hit us next. The whole .net issue is only a side show at the moment. IE7 is still way out there in terms of main stream anything, and there are still a lot of systems / organizations that do not recognize or support it. (in fact, even refuse to) With .net 3, it seems to be down the road somewhere. (maybe)
Of course, it all hinges on the Web 2.0 becomeing any kind of workable reality. -d

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Me doing good

by onbliss In reply to Well,...

Thanks for asking :-) Hope you doing good too!

So what technical journals and websites do you use to keep up to speed as far as MS and .net go?

I thought TR has many .net developers, I wonder if any body wants to share their secret of keeping up-to date :-)

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hummm ? now that you asked....

by dawgit In reply to Me doing good

Well for me, I get a lot of my info from three main Magazines, ct Magazine (bi-weekly) and ix Magazine (Monthly) both from the Heise Co out of Hanover here in Germany. They are both over 200 pages (usually around 250 pages) with maybe 50 pages at the most in advertisements, and very few from M$. (enough however, for comic relief) These alone are each like text books, with all kinds of info, programs, tips, tutorials, and news of what's realy what in the real world of computers. Realy good stuff. They do have some info available in English, but it would be almost impossible to put it all in English. Sad that, as I just don't see this type or quality of Magazine in the US anymore. (They also have a real good security site, and an open sourse site too.) Another good publishment here is the Computer Woche, which comes out weekly, (duh, the name) it is a good trade Magazine with a lot of info on trends and happenings in the computer and programing world. Amazing actually, those three keep me pretty busy reading too. (I don't think that is a bad thing either) Of course there is always the internet, but a magazine is easier to carry on a train or U-Bahn. (most everyone is reading on those things anyway, so I just fit right in with the crowd) Of course there is always a book store. (my other favoriet place to hang out) -d
ct Magazine @
(which also has some info available in English @
http://www.heise.de/ct/english/ )
ix Magazine @
all from Heise @
and the Computer Woche (Computer Weekly) @

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Google, Newsletters and no MSDN

by emanueol In reply to .Net world - keeping upda ...

1. I keep myself updated with some newsletters.

2. When developing and needing quick help on some investigation then my first go is 'Google' :)
3. And 99% of the time I don't use the VS internal help.. since microsoft helps are really crap, lot's of bla la bla.. and few real samples.. well big companies become big employers, so lot's of 'writers' love to show some work i guess..

Cheers ~

:: devx.com, builder.com, internet.com, codeproject.com, simple-talk.com, ..

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.Net Posting

by n3bu1a In reply to Google, Newsletters and n ...

In trying to keep with the original posting of the thread, I try to keep up with some big Microsoft posts (Mary Jo Foley on CNET) which provides ideas on the general direction of what Microsoft is thinking. Other than that, I feel it's important to keep your finger on the blogosphere because that's where you can find out the most about implementing decent design patterns and other neat little implementation tricks.

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Question here... ?

by dawgit In reply to .Net world - keeping upda ...

Don't you have a magazine in the States called ".NET Magazine"? Over here it's even available in the gas stations. Just wondering. -d

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My Picks

by salinaspaul In reply to .Net world - keeping upda ...

I frequent these sites as much as I can"

Code Magazine

Queue Magazine

.NET Rocks!

Programmers Heaven


Dr. Dobb's Portal / Journal

The CodeGuru Forums

The Code Project


.net 101

... And I'm always looking for more... hope this helps ya out...

- salinaspaul

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