Netopia static modem/router and a wireless linksys router as secondary

By cmolina ·
Ok. Here goes my prob. I have a netopia static dsl modem/router. I set my desk pc,
security camera pc, internet jukebox, and wireless router to static ip's. Then I went into lynksys config page and configured router under operating mode as a ROUTER, not gateway. And set DHCP server on, but assigned static ip address for the router using subnet, gateway, and dns from isp/netopia router config.
OK. So, life is good I think. No more netopia modem disconnects. BUT now I can't connect to my camera's.
My cameras are connected to pc with a static ip. When I attempt to access through ftp or through DDNS camera software, it shows the gateway NOT the ip address that I assigned it statically. Hence, static assigned, shows up instead which IS MY GATEWAY. ipconfig /all shows correct, but shows the gateway.
I should be able to type in browser and view camera but it does not work. Any brainstorming is appreciated. Thanks in advance for even reading this.

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Netman is correct

by CG IT In reply to What is the function of t ...

only need port forwarding on the router the camera's are connected to [the inbound connection request].

to connect to them from home, [or a remote location], you type in your browser the public IP address and port #

the router when configured for port forwarding will recognize that inbound traffic on port # xxxx is supposed to go to host xxx and forward the traffic to that host. The host [computer]then has to understand that inbound traffic on port xxx is supposed to make a connection to the cameras [either launch a program, send data, or do something].

You mention that you get an error page: to quote you "I can't connect. This should bring up the camera's config page with the option to view video. The internet error message is...

**** Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed****"

that's the key to your problem. Seems as though you have remote connectivity now, but you don't have the proper program installed to view the files [probably the video feed from the camera].

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Home router (Linksys wrt610n) and Office Router (2wire)

by cmolina In reply to What is the function of t ...

I turned off the portforwarding on my home router. I have the office router port forwarded for the camera's port. I check my internet ip from the office and type it into my browser from my home location and the port number. I get the same error message in the browser.
(Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed).
I don't know if this is important or not, but my internet connection detail on the 2wire configuration page says my subnet is but my camera and wireless network connection has a subnet of and my Local Area Connection subnet is

By the way, have you ever used Paglo? If you know it maybe you could look at my network through paglo and find the problem...just a thought.

Thank you for trying to help and giving me some thoughtful insight.

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Haven't used Paglo, but

by NetMan1958 In reply to What is the function of t ...

I have another idea. If you could post the model of your 2wire router and the make/model of your camera system, I can familiarize myself with both. Also, is it possible to access the 2wire from the WAN side? Most of these type devices restrict console access from the Internet side unless you specifically enable it. If you could check on that and then PM me with the ip address and logon credentials, I can take a look at the config and see if I spot anything. I'm sure it's just some little thing we're missing.

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by CG IT In reply to Netopia static modem/rout ...

what ports do the camera software use?

2 routers = 2 networks and you have to forward traffic from one network to the other.

side note: the way consumer level router firewalls work [virtually all consumer level firewalls] is that they allow all outbound traffic [and return traffic] but block all inbound traffic. If you want to remotely connect to your cameras, you have to specifically allow it through port forwarding to the PC that has the cameras attached to it.

That means you have to forward inbound traffic to your camers through your netopia router, then forward again to your linksys router and again forward from your linksys router to the specific PC. On top of that, you have to configure your PC to allow remote connections.

another side note: FTP is for file transfer and uses ports 20/21. Isn't something you use to view cameras remotely. your camera software probably uses HTTP or HTTPS [see camera software mfg instructions for remote access] so you have to forward that to your pc with the cameras. Another issue is whether your camera software [on the PC that has the camera connected to] was installed as a service. If not, then you have to have the camera software running which means you have to have an account logged on and the software running. It's the camera software [application] which will recognize the inbound traffic on the specific port it uses as legitimate traffic and return the images to your remote PC [OSI model]. If the software program on the PC that hosts the camera isn't running, how's that PC going to know what to do with the packets it receives from a remote PC?

Most video cameras have it's own GUI [application] so, you have to have the same software running on the remote PC to view images streamed from the PC the cameras are attached to to the remote PC.

Some security camera mfgs use web browser pages for remote viewing of camera feeds. Depends on what you purchased.

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if the cameras use port 7701

by CG IT In reply to Netopia static modem/rout ...

then forward port 7701 to the linksys and then forward 7701 from the linksys to the pc with the cameras [TCP/IP].

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