Netware Client for Windows - where does it come from?

By davidjbell ·
I support many Win XP PCs for a charity and have now come across two PCs on different sites on separate occasions that have had Netware Client installed 'somehow'. This blocks the friendly Welcome screen. Googling the web provides many pointers for it's removal but I can't find anything that says how it got there in the first place. Is it a sort of downloaded trojan that allows entry via a Client software vulnerability? Does anyone know likely sites that may have downloaded it. I'd like to avoid it happening again but cerainly AVG Internet Security doesn't spot it being installed.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Novell Netware Client

this was necessary because Novell does not support TCP/IP protocol it uses IPX/SPX instead.

That statement is Incorrect; current versions of Novell Netware support TCP/IP. Back in the Netware 3 and 4 days that was the protocol to use. If I am remembering correctly, Netware 3.x and 4 did have an add-on for the TCP/IP protocol, just very limited. Starting with Netware 5 TCP/IP was native.

And Win XP does include GSNW (Gateway Service for Netware) a way to connect to Netware servers but it is not as rich as the Netware Client.

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An update to my question

by davidjbell In reply to Netware Client for Window ...

Many thanks for the various replies. I should point out that the latest problem XP PC was one of four identical Dell Vostro PCs bought new by myself used on a site that doesn't even have a server let alone a Novell Netware one. So the question remains 'how did the software stack get installed?' or if pre-installed by Dell but left unticked 'how did it become ticked?' and why on only one of the four identical PCs sitting on the same peer-to-peer LAN? I'm still suspicious of some malware triggering this problem unless anyone knows otherwise. I'm well aware of what Novell and Netware is not how it appears where it shouldn't! BTW I got rid of it by uninstalling the stack in the LAN properties stack listing

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by OH Smeg In reply to An update to my question

I'm not sure how Netware got installed but you would have to look at the Software Load here.

I've seen some On Line Games Install Netware to allow them to work and I suppose it's possible that other software that Shares things could do the same thing.


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by seanferd In reply to An update to my question

Maybe someone with an imagination installed this, thinking they could get something out of it. Perhaps the machines were originally in a different network than the one you received them from?

I seriously doubt that malware would ever install a Netware client - there would be little point.

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I would suspect 'user error', not malware

by robo_dev In reply to Netware Client for Window ...

I would suppose that somehow some user application installed it, but that's only a guess.

I would tend to doubt that Dell would pre-install the netware client or even include it with their driver CD.

Maybe years ago the user of the PC asked for advice on TR and somebody gave him or her some really wrong answer involving downloading and installing the Netware client????

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OK there where some Applications that Used Netware

by OH Smeg In reply to Netware Client for Window ...

A while ago so I would say that you have to look at the Installed Software even some that may have been removed previously because it was no longer useful or had been upgraded.

Some of the Specialized Software used by Business used the Netware Client as well as some games so that is where I would expect this to have come from.

But none the less when whatever it was, was installed the User would have been prompted to install the Netware Client and probably did weather it was needed or not.


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by robo_dev In reply to OK there where some Appli ...

Ergo: the classic

- 'short between the headphones' fault
- 'loose nut behind the wheel' problem.
- PICNIK ("Problem In Chair, Not In Computer") error
- ID-10T error

Like when years ago a user was reporting a completely dead mainframe terminal.

Yup. dead as a doornail.

So there are no lights at all?

None. Except for the green light on the edge and the flashing square on the screen.

Flashing square?


After giving up on the phone and dispatching a tech, somehow the user had adjusted the terminal so the color of the font was the same as the background color, and the square was the cursor.

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Thanks to all

by davidjbell In reply to Netware Client for Window ...

Thanks again for the replies. It looks like someone may have tried to install a game or whatever and this was the result; the PCs have fairly open usage but not with Admin permissions. Interesting that at least some games might install the Client.

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Netware Client for Windows

by JHarrsch In reply to Netware Client for Window ...

Netware Client for Windows sounds like Microsofts's support for Netware. You will find Client for Netware listed under the adapters properties in control panel | Network Adapters.
Novell's Client is best in a Netware environment.

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by seanferd In reply to Netware Client for Window ...

Nope. It's Netware's client for Netware servers.

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