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Network dilemma

By tinyman2002 ·
Hello all.I'm back again and need a little help.I am undertaking my first network setup,from the ground up.I have good networking,but I must admit that I am a bit daunted.If anyone has any helpful links to refine the process,I would be most appreciative.

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Guys guys guys

by CuteElf In reply to Well Cutie lets know when ...

This was meant to make yalls smile...not drool

At least this question hasn't been turned into a boobie thread!!!!!!!!!

(ok now it has)

Dear OP, we need more info. Til then, laugh at our silly pur-vur-ted remarks.

Hey JD, if I put you in the rack, would you be a 3U? .....Hal, DVD cam ready? jck, get a beer & a good chair.

cute & frisky elf

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Guys guys guys

Where do you want the Notebook with built in Web Cam sent?

Col ]:)

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But Elfish one

by jdclyde In reply to Guys guys guys

I ALWAYS smile when I drool! It just isn't good around all this electronics!

3U? We don't discuss width her on TR.....

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ya know, CuteElf

by jck In reply to Guys guys guys

I might just turn my webcam on for you

(I just gotta find the box it's in first!!! )

The Guinness is in the fridge...lemme know when ]:)

P.S.- If you want me to, I'll put on my sombrero as well and tie it under my chin with Cat-5E and hang patch cables over holder...hahahaha ]:)

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What in the heck is that?

by email In reply to

Budy, don'w waste your time...

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In tribute to my hero, Homer...

by jck In reply to oh god of Vague, answer m ...

mmmmmmmmmmm.......Groping......... ]:)

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Be more specific about your help

by PcFrank In reply to oh god of Vague, answer m ...

I' agree 100% with CuteElf? Which point you are referring for help.

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I have to agree with Cute Elf here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Network dilemma

Just what is it that you want to know?

All you have asked for is how to setup a network and that could range from 2 computers with a crossover lead between them to a massive setup with any number of servers controlling multiple Domains with hundreds of workstations in each. Also does this require an Internet connection and what is available in the area where you have to set it up?

Does this setup require a direct connection to another office that can be in a different place from another city to another country?

Just what do you want to know?

Col ]:)

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I've done this before

by RAMROD In reply to Network dilemma

...yup I've succesfully done this before. Without knowing your exact configs and requirements I will say this: if you know what network os you are going to use get some old cheap pc's that can replicate the client server I had to do this for win 2k active directory and I practised with my pentium 2.4ghz pc running as a client and a crossover cable to a pentium 3 running as the win2k server. The practise I got out of that was very helpful because the day I got on site I just 'went through the motions'. In terms of switches what I did was I went to the netgear website and for my number of users there were pdf's that had recommended setups. Manufactures sites have these recommendations and they are quite helpful although some of them have a lot of fluff about how good their stuff is. Give me more info and I can point you in the right direction

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Network problem solved!

by admin In reply to Network dilemma

DAs netvork is nicht fur gerfingerpoken und mitten-graben.
Is too easy schnappen der springenwerk und blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken.
Ist nicht fur gewerken by das dumkopfen das rubber necken sightseeren.
Keepen der hands in der pockets.
Relaxan, hire das experten to fixen, und watch all der blinkenlights.

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