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Network is very slow

By gli ·

We have 25 Computers, running WinXP...Server is Small Business Server 2003. When I transfer a 10MB file is taking 6min or so. Sometimes when I transfer the same file, it takes seconds. Anyone know what is wrong with our network??


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by gli In reply to Reply...

so, today...100/HD is way faster than 100/FD....
what else do you recommend that I try? This FD/HD changes from hour to hour.


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What is your network hardware setup like?

by TomSal In reply to Network is very slow

As soon as I read your question, I instinctively have to ask what kind of gear you are using.

Switches? Hubs? And what types/brands? (the branding question is important because there are "pseudo crapo switches*" like the stuff you buy at BestBuy or Staples and then there exists real switches, like Cisco for example).

*Note: The switches you buy at Best Buy are great for home use, I bought my wireless router there actually. But for commercial grade networking you need the more feature rich and proven realiability of a higher end switch than what those stores offer, that is what I was saying.


I'd look at your hardware first is what I'm saying, then if you have good (healthy) gear that is configured properly, look at your cabling. If the cabling is in good shape and tests fine, then look into software issues.

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hardware setup

by gli In reply to What is your network hard ...

at corp office
cisco 3600
cisco switches 2950 and 2900

at 3 other retail locations
cisco 2600
cisco switches 2950

i change the link and duplex setting on the nic's from auto to 100/half...the speed is much much better... i did not go to the retail locations yet. I will do that tomorrow.


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