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Network monitoring - What to monitor? - Best practices

By thom0 ·
G'day, techrepublicans

I'm wondering with so many objects, counters & instances available to be monitored in a network, what opinions people in the industry have?

I guess alot would depend on what services are actually running on the network & maybe the way it's designed. But what about in general, what things are considered critical to monitor in a network?

Things like bandwith, CPU usage, memory usage both virtual & physical, page file usage. What about the hard drives? Which are the best counters to use to determine a HDDs performance?

So what do people who do this for a living actually recommend?

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by rperez In reply to What to monitor

what do you guys think about "Whatsup"

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Whats Up Professional

by rick_b In reply to ipswitch

I love it, we are running the latest and it ties into Denika from Somix. We can really get a great bunch of reports out of it.


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Watchtower for Cittio...

by adelfavero In reply to What to monitor

monitors everything on network. The gives you the option to monitor what you want. Web based, cheap, and easy to install. It runs on a Linux box, you just plug it in and it automatically discovers every single IP address with info on each: address, type, manufacturer, version, OS, ect..., you can then determine the roles of IT of who actually can view the live vitals. If you add a server, switch, whatever, it has a poller that discovers it automatically. It has everything sullijwiii mentioned...plus! We have recommended it to five clients(fairly large) and they all love it. @ of them were replacing OpenView in which they already dumped truckloads of $$$ into the install and config www.cittio.com They are young and compete with Solarwinds. The guy who wrote the code managed a huge datacenter and created it out of the frustrations he experienced. has a pretty impressive client base. It's a relatively quick turnaround to schedule a demo...Can't see why they are not used in more environments.

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Simple Answer to all your queries

by alex@2007 In reply to Network monitoring - What ...

If you want all of those aspects to be taken into consideration.
One simple way which i monitor everything and even more is with NAGIOS
but remember you will need to get comfortable with Perl Scripting.
no need to spend no dollars, just develop it your self to how and what you want to monitor, i could ask for more from it, major telecom places use it, and best of all its free.
hope it helps

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2nd that

by ryan In reply to Simple Answer to all your ...

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