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Network printing ramdomly failing

By serginho ·

This one is driving me nuts!

I have 2 customers that use eTrust V7.1. One of them has a Win2K Server and the other a Win Server 2003.

Recently, both started to have network printing problems. In both cases, printers are shares in PCs. The next items are common to stations on both customers:
- eTrust V7.1
- Windows Update
- There is always a PC with Win98 involved in the problem

It's always possible to navigate the network and connect to any printer but, randomly, when trying to print anything, the originating PC (always Win9 pops up a message saying that there was a problem connecting to the printer and it has been brought offline. I can see the job in the spooler. Insisting in the menu, switching off the "use printer offline" option, sometimes makes the job start.

I've tried many things like disabling AV, updating drivers, trying other printers in other PCs, installing MS DSClient9x. My next try will be removing the share and PC comments, as I read in a paper from MS, regarding the maximum browse list in Win 9x.

If anyone has another idea or already had this problem, please let me know


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by serginho In reply to

Thanks for your post, but try reading questions more carefully: you'll find some answers there
Printers are parallel and usb connected to PCs acting as print servers. If doesn't work for you, it's because you have done something wrong: I do this since before windows was around and as an economic solution, it works very well (though I agree print server are a more elegant and reliable solution). Since my job is solving customers' problems, I'll have to "bang my head" as long I solve it or, at least, until I find a logical reason for this having stopped working after months of useful performance

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by umko In reply to Network printing ramdomly ...

I have exactly the same problem and didn't solve it yet. If you find something please let me know.

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by serginho In reply to

Please check my last comments on closing this question: I've found the solution

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by serginho In reply to Network printing ramdomly ...

Found the solution, though not sure about the reason.
The spool folders were filled with files. Windows should have erased those files after printing them.
I can see 2 possibilities, one of which has been mentioned on the post: CA eTrust AV. I have changed its configuration to ignore the spool folder. So far, so good, but it might take months to show the problem again.
The other possibility is a lpd software they use to allow ther administrative application (running on a terminal session of a linux server) to print on epson printers (something related to compressed printing). Only time will tell. Thanks to everybody that spend time trying to help me with this

Best regards,


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by serginho In reply to Network printing ramdomly ...

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