Network Problem

By mugisolo ·
I run a network of with about 30 computers, but one particular comp that was working very well on the network suddenly started disconnecting from the network. When i restart it, it works fine but after about 20 minutes it disconnects. I have changed network cards and cables run a virus scan with escan and nod32 but this doesn't help. Any one with a possible solution?

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What type of network

by ComputerCookie In reply to Network Problem

is it on a domain or a workgroup?

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Type of network

by mugisolo In reply to What type of network

It is running on a domain

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When this happens can you ping

by ComputerCookie In reply to Type of network

the server and/or other computers?

Are the IP addresses static or DHCP?

Have you checked the lease time?

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Static IP adresses

by mugisolo In reply to When this happens can you ...

i use static ip adresses. I can ping the server and all other computers but after a short while i cannot ping any other computer until i restart.
How do i check for the lease time (what is lease the lease time. Thanks)

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Not so sure

by tintoman In reply to Static IP adresses

I doubt that this is a lease time issue, however I do think that static IP addresses might cause you a problem if you haven't reserved thos IP addresses for each machine by mac address on your DHCP server.
For example if you use the static address of say on your machine and that address is not reserved for that machine, then another machine connecting to your network might be allocated the same address and thus you will get booted off.
Also I would check the names of all your computers and make sure you dont have 2 with the same name.

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Is this computer always used by the same

by ComputerCookie In reply to Type of network

user, if so have you tried loggging that user on to another machine to see what happens.

That way you could definitly rule out an error in their profile, I know someone more qualified than myself suggested that it probably wasn't a lease problem but you've spent a lot of time on this already!!!!

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when you replaced the nic

by Sue T In reply to Network Problem

did you try putting the new one in a different slot on the motherboard? You did not say what OS but try looking in the event viewer if you have one. Is there something scheduled to run? Check all settings very closely for IP settings, etc. and compare them with another computer. The only thing that should be different is usually just the IP address and computer name.

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Network port?

by 1bn0 In reply to Network Problem

Have you tried connecting the computer to a different port at your hub/switch/router.

Try swapping the network end with one of the working computers.

Also check the fan.

"After 20 minutes" might indicate a heat issue although that usually shows up through symptoms other than network issues.

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swapping NIC

by mugisolo In reply to Network port?

i hace swapped the network end with that of other workin computers and changed the ports at the switch but it persists even changed the slots on the motherboard. But when i changed power supplies of the cpu it last about an hour or two before it goes off. Any getting to think it could be a hardware issue.

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