Network problem

By palriaan ·
I have a small business with a server and 5 computers on a network.
After a recent motherboard failure I upgraded my PC with an Asus P5PE-VM S775 motherboard & a P4 3.0 Ghz CPU.
After re-installing Windows XP Pro, I connected to the network without any problems.
After updating my systems from MS Update and restarting, I can no longer see the network. I get the following message:
Network is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available.

I am fairly sure that the problem has arisen after an update from MS. I am just not sure how to fix the problem.
The network is running on a workroup.
Client for MS Networks, File and printer sharing for MS Networks & QoS Packet Schedular are installed as protocols.
IP's are manually set on each machine.
Cannot ping any of the machines now. (could before updates from Microsoft)
Firewall is currently disabled.

Can anyone help?

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Some simple things to try

by DMambo In reply to Network problem

1) Use the Device Mgr to see if your network card is working properly and that the Windows update didn't fry the driver. If there's trouble, uninstall it and reboot to let Windows find it or download a new driver from mfgr website.

2) If your IP address is set manually, make sure the subnet mask and default gateway are correct.

3) If you're using a cheap switch, try a different port. (It's amazing how often I've found dead ports on crappy switches.)

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Tried it

by palriaan In reply to Some simple things to try

Thanks DMambo
1. Device Manager shows working fine. I have an onboard Lan port and separate network card as I need it for 1) internet and 2) network in office. I can connect to internet fine from both onboard and PCI. Just can't see network after I did updates.
2) Ip, subnet & default gateway settings are all correct.
3) Not using a cheap switch, tried diffirent port without success.

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check ip addresses

by dma69593 In reply to Some simple things to try

As one reader suggested, first check that your network devices are working properly by going into device manager on the my computer properties. Check that all the cables are plugged in correctly. Then, check your ip address info on your server through the command prompt using ipconfig /all . Take note of these and then check on the other computers to see if the default gateway is set to the servers address. Ping to see if there is connection. (You can assign the other computers with APIPA, rather than manually entering the ip addresses and subnet mask). I assume you are using a class b address, which means your subnet mask should be set to
Once you get it going, you might consider installing DNS and DHCP (on your server cd). This allows you to configure your server.
If you have tried absolutely everything to get your network up and running smoothly again, i can only suggest you contact a network technician to sort it out.
Hope you get it working soon!

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by AWalworth In reply to Network problem

Can you ping yourself? This is crucial. I would ping yourself in two ways using the loopback address ( and the LAN address.
If you can't ping yourself, try WinsockXPFix. I've had problems where the TCP/IP stack wasn't loading for my network connections and this fixed it.

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Tried it

by palriaan In reply to PINGs

I tried and can ping myself.

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you want more guesses?

by sgt_shultz In reply to PINGs

do you have a link light? maybe your nic not autosensing? what os is the server. try a known good nic and patch cable and jack. if you have a dhcp server, try getting the address automagically to see if you can get it working. compare ipconfig /all on a working box and on this one. never heard of a windows update that broke networking. you may have a coincidence that is sending you the wrong tree. btw, you'll need to have netbt over tcpip enabled to browse

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by AWalworth In reply to Network problem

Take one of your good computers and connect a crossover cable direct from its network card to the troubled machine's network card. See if they can ping eachother. If they can't start Ethereal (or anyother packet sniffer) and see if you can see data from the other computer. It couldn't hurt to start Ethereal on both computers at once so be sure that you both computers are seeing the same broadcast traffic. You can ping while sniffing to determine what is happening to packets.

By doing a crossover cable, you are ruling out the possibility of a failed network device. Double check your IP settings to be sure they match.

If it still isn't working, buy a new network card of a different brand that you have. A PCI network card is only about $20 and that way you can install brand new hardware to rule out a driver or hardware corruption.

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Network failure

by marius.visser In reply to Network problem

This is a late request, but did you fix the network problem? Bought the same mb for my son, loaded Xp pro. Week later he phoned and say no network. He is about to format and reinstall. Will this help or is a pci nic the best option? Is this a mb problem? Intend to buy 3 more of them!
Went to Asus forum, thread with the same problem. Hardware related, replace with other motherboard or nic.

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