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By sabrefreak ·
I maintain a small-ish office (50 people) with an open policy. My bosses would like me to "tier" the system so that there is full access, email only, and no internet (for example) but that everyone can still see the server appliances.

Previously I tried doing this (with some tech advice) through the use of gpedit.msc and a bogus proxy server. It worked for a couple of days until someone discoverd that Firefox Portable (brought in a USB stick) had no difficulty beating it.

So, now, I'd like to try and do it through the router, or a series of routers if need be, although I'm certainly open to suggestions.

I have a Cisco 877 modem, a Linksys RV016 router, a host of static IPs, and some unmanaged switches.

The server appliances are a pair of Buffalo TeraStation's.

Many thanks in advance
(I thought I already posted this but it didn't appear in my profile, so if you see it duplicated, my apologies).

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by sabrefreak In reply to Network Tiers

I will pass these suggestions off to my bosses tomorrow and see what they say.
Thank you for the insight.
I may yet be back :)

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Best of luck!

by seanferd In reply to Thanks

I certainly hope they listen. Nothing like having your company brought to its knees by a bit of malware. Especially with folks bringing in USB drive which may have who-knows-what on them.

I also hope that whatever you are allowed to implement works out for the best.


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