networking 2 existing networks

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first network runs a local grocery store. there is about 5 client PCs and a back up server. this first network has a local internet provider 1mb down and 512k up DSL.

second network is running off of a different internet provider (att) 3mb down and 1.5mb up DSL. this network only has 2 clients on it at the moment. but may be adding a few more. (3-4)

my question is: where do i start to network both networks together. the owner wants to share information back and forth between the to offices. but because there are using two different ISPs. should i break both networks down and start over?
the two locations are maybe 1000ft apart.
and running cable may not be the way the owner wants to go. i was thinking of setting up to wireless APs on both sides with some long range antennas?

once both networks are merged i still have to keep them some what apart on the internal side because after all they are two different business.

any suggestions or comments. im just a local computer tech. so i may or may not make much sense to some of you guys. so please leave out any unnecessary comments.

thank you all

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