Networking PC & Laptops w/ Linksys WRT54G & using Aircard 595U for Internet

By shandagmiller ·
I have set up my PC to connect to the internet using the Aircard 595U. I then connected the linksys and made sure all PC's & laptops could see each other. I am now trying to access the internet on my laptops and I am having no success. My PC is 2000 Pro and laptops are both XP. If any one can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Networking PC & Laptops w/ Linksys WRT54G

Have you disconnected your "aircard" as you do not need this as you have a wifi router. I presume that your laptops have wifi connections. If not then you would have to hardwire them to your router for access to the internet, go into the router properties and then get the router to search for your computers, when found write down their ip addresses so that you can access your computers just by their ip address. You might have to make sure that the "DHCP server" is enabled.

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Removing aircard

by shandagmiller In reply to Re: Networking PC & Lapto ...

I do not think that I want to remove the aircard since this is the access to the internet. The area where I have my home office does not have access to highspeed internet. Dial-up ONLY. I need the other 2 laptops to be able to use the internet connection that I have thru the aircard. I think it will be set up like a dial-up connection. I am getting stumped on the internet connection shering. Please help!!

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Configuration details that work but not reliably

by musart.smitty In reply to Re: Networking PC & Lapto ...

More will come later???. I do not have it working reliably. Sorry about the lousy formating. It would be nice if we could attach RFT od PDF files.

I have the following configuration:
3com Baseline 10/100 Hub16 model 3c16410 (is really an unmanaged switch)
Linksys Hub WRT54G version 2 (Firmware version 4.21.1)
8 hardwired CAT5 connected computers (with additional wiring for 4 more)
1 network printer connected via CAT5 (static IP address)
1 SCO Unit Server connected by Cat5 (static IP address)
10 wireless connected laptops

Computer with Aircard 595U USB Modem attached
1 Aircard 595U USB Modem is in a USB cradle
Sprint Connection manager is installed on the compute with the Aircard 595U USB attached
Windows 2000 Professional SP 4+
Ethernet NIC has a static IP address ( with Mask and no default gateway.

Network configuration:
The 8 computers + Network printer + SCO Unix Server are CAT5 wired to 3c16410.
The 3c16410 port 15 is connected to the WRT54G port 1 (regular cable).
WRT54G in WEP 128 mode, shared key, with IP address

The issue with making the configuration work is as follows:
1) The WRT54G wants to be the GATEWAY to the Internet, but the computer
with the Aircard 595U attached must be the GATEWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) To manage a network of this size one must have a DHCP Server
3) The Aircard 595U USB must be in GO Automatic not NIC Enabled
(Still fooling around with this. Not sure this configuration is correct)

To counter act 1) the WRT54G is configured in ROUTER mode not GATEWAY
The computer with the Aircard 595U USB attached is given a static IP address (, so I know where it is.
with Mask and no default gateway.
To provide 2) the DHCP function in the WRT54G must be Enabled

All other computers NIC/LAN interface is set to automatically obtain their IP Address.

The system issue is a combination of
1) the HUB/ ROUTER and GATEWAY to the Internet functions not being centralized in one machine.
2) The DHCP Server is in one machine and the GATEWAY to the Internet is in another
This appears to cause an ambiguous and unstable situation relative to determining the GATEWAY address above the
TCP/IP level of the communications stack.

The correct solution to all of this is to purchase a HUB that uses a USB interface for the WAN connection.
To the best of my knowledge there is not one on the market today. Sprint claims that they are working with
Linksys to provide on the last half of this year. We are in month 8 and counting.

I have not been able to get back to the URL that described this future product.

The current issue is.
The ?other computers? randomly loose the Internet gateway connection. Sometimes the route to
the GATEWAY ( is rediscovered. Sometimes it does not rediscover (

You know the route is lost when you rune the ?IPCONFIG? command at the DOS prompt:
START ? RUN - CMD ? IPCONFIG, The Gateway address will change
from (GATEWAY) to (the WRT54G). When this occurs the
computer looses the Internet connection but still has access to the shared resources on the LAN.

Setting static IP addresses with Mask and Gateway address on the
?other computers? does not overcome the problem. It appears that software on the computers
1) The connection manager on the GATEWAY ( computer and
2) The TCP/IP software on the ?other computers?
exchange the GATEWAY address through a mechanism I have yet to discover and control.

When it works all work just like hooking up DSL, FIOS, Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial Microwave modems
up to the WAN Ethernet port of the WRT54GT. When this is lost at the software level, it fails.

The second Issue:
The Dial Up Network (DUN )provided by the Aircard 595U USB Modem is either:
1) not configured the same way dialup 56k modem is:
2) the connection manager does not support the API to the TCP/IP
software that allows the ?dialup? connection to be shared

I am still playing with this aspect, but have not found the way to ?FORMALLY? share the
Aircard 595U USB Modem DUN connection.

This device and its software appears to be neither DUN nor WAN. We may be attempting to
do something the hardware and software were not designed to support sharing of the DVDO link.

If you are using a Linksys Mobile Broadband Router, Model Number WRT54G3G-ST

Firmware Upgrade for Linksys Mobile Broadband Router, Model Number WRT54G3G-ST
(WRT54G3G-ST_2.00.9_US_code.bin), downloadable from
MIGHT help. I cannot say for sure. I do not have this version.

From the same page the NEW Sprint Connection Manager for Sierra AC595, 595U and 597E
(SCM_1.00.0069.0.exe) package download page offers the following advice:
?Enterprise custom configurability available - business customers,
please contact your Sprint Account Manager for details.?

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Save Yourself a Lot of Headaches

by rkuhn In reply to Networking PC & Laptops w ...

And just buy a router such as:

That is a router specifically designed to share EV-DO network products such as your Aircard 595U.

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Have any luck?

by mary-duffy In reply to Networking PC & Laptops w ...

I'm trying to do the same thing. The suggestion of the 3G router won't work as these are USB broadband modems, not PCMCIA slot cards. Would love some details on what finally worked?

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CradlePoint EVDO Routers

by tom In reply to Have any luck?

CradlePoint makes two routers that will work.

CTR-350 (No battery, has a WAN port that can be used as a LAN port with the latest firmware. You can make you own battery pack for this, instructions can be found on the internet.)

CHS-300 (Includes a built in rechargable battery pack at the cost of a bulkier package and loss of ethernet port.)

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its quite simple

by brianmuschko In reply to Networking PC & Laptops w ...

if you checkout, you will find an easy walk through on how to do this!!

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Don't pay for basic Internet Connection Sharing info

by tom In reply to its quite simple

Sounds like they are charging for basic Internet Sharing info.
If you google "basic internet connection sharing guide" you
will essentially come out with many free guides.

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Feedback of CradlePoint CTR-350 Usage

by tom In reply to Networking PC & Laptops w ...

I have used the CradlePoint CTR-350 for a little over a
month now and would like to share my thoughts. Since
this thing takes 5v input, I built a couple of battery packs
for this and a car charger for this using an extra usb cable
I had lying around. I made one rechargeable lithium ion
battery pack that outputs 5v exactly. The other battery
pack involved 4 AA batteries wired to output 6v. I read
online that others did this with no problems to the CTR-
350 even though it lists 5v. I use rechargeable batteries in
this as well. The reason why I used 4 AA batteries is
because in case of emergency I can always run to a store
to buy some more. Radio shack sells a nice 4 AA batteries
case with cover. You can also add a switching voltage
regulator to this to keep voltage at 5v. That will bring the
cost up in making your battery pack. I would stay away
from the non-switching regulators because they are in-
efficient and output extra power by way of heat. I rigged a
8 AA battery pack on my New York trip in Feb and it
lasted me a whole weekend. As far as I know I still had a
lot of juice left; I only turned it on as I needed since I was
running this in my backpack while using my iPhone on the
EVDO network to find places to go to. The usb cable
already output 5v, and I already had a car adapter that
outputs to a usb plug. Incidentally my lithium ion battery
pack outputs a usb plug too, so i use this same cable to
connect to my rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. Back
in the San Francisco Bay area, my friends and family live
in San Francisco and I work 4 days per week in Petaluma.
While I have DSL in San Francisco I did not want to pay the
combined cost for another phone line and DSL in
Petaluma. Naked DSL and Cable DSL was not cheap either.
Since I would have to spend at least $40, why not pay a
little extra for EDVO? At first I thought, I don't really need
high speed everywhere I go, once you have it you will find
you use it everywhere. This CradlePoint CTR-350 and my
iPhone makes it easy for me to stay connected at high
speeds everywhere I go. I still keep my data plan on my
iPhone but it is slow. The 595u and CTR350 solution is
still a little bulky when put together. I would have to put
in in a carrying bag of some sort. Often leaving this in my
car is great. Look for my CTR350 hotspot in SF. It is called
THOTSPOT, WPA2 password is freethenet.

Final thoughts any compatible EVDO modem and a
portable router with battery pack kicks ***. If you don't
want to bother with making your own there are solutions
out there with battery packs included. I'd like to try the Kyocera Kr1 because you can buy a GPS module for it and
post your current location on a Google map mashup. Too
bad these EVDO routers can't take advantage of the built
in GPS on most of these modems.

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