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By danawanner ·
I need to be able to have my laptop users log onto a domain while they are in the office, but when small groups go to the same client I need them to be able to have access to each other's laptops as well as share a single printer. My thought was topurchase a 5 port hub and by using hardware profiles, configure a profile to use while at the office and another to use while at a clients'. However the network settings will not stay with any one profile. In other words, when I change the networksettings to reflect logging onto the domain at work, the network settings for the Clients' profile also changes. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? We need to be able to use the same NIC for each scenario.
Dana Wanner

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Networking Question

by dJake In reply to Networking Question

You could make a laptop domain with Windows 2000 or NT 4 server installed on one of your laptops, and then you can either change your DHCP scope on the fly, while making sure that it only responds to the MAC addresses of your laptops or put two NICsin the main laptop and make it a proxy server. As a side note, if you are using PC card NICs, I've noticed that if you move the PC card from one slot to another (assuming you have two) it registers as a new card. That may be a Win98SE bug though, I don't know. Hope this helps.

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Networking Question

by danawanner In reply to Networking Question

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