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Never ending shut down with Win XP

By Jake Bartlett ·
I'm on holidays at the moment, and I've noticed that my mum's computer will not shut down by itself.

When I try to shut down the computer, it closes all the applications and processes, and then goes to the blank windows screen, and says "Windows is shutting down." or something like that. The problem is, I've left the computer like this for over 8 hours, twice, and around 30 mins or so many more times, nothing happens, it just sits there until you cut the power, or hold in the power button for a good 3-4 seconds.

This doesn't worry me that much, but my mum is corcerned that having to manualy turn it off every time might be bad for the computer.

What DOES concern me, is that the computer recently had a windows update done on it, and every time I view the shut down / restart menu, the shut down button has a little shield icon on it and says "1 update waiting to install" or something. When I choose shut down, it says please wait, installing update, and then after a few seconds that finishes (presumably) and it says Windows is shutting down, but once again, nothing happens till you restart it, and when you get back into windows the update is still there, waiting to install.

So, firstly I need to know how to get the damn thing to put itself to sleep, and secondly if there is any way to have the update work possibly using some different method, help would be greatly appreciated.

just as an after thought......

Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (CPU)
512MB RAM (no idea what type, probably 333 mhz)
Western Digital 80GB hard drive (normal IDE, not SATA)
GeCube Radeon 9600 SE gfx card
Onboard sound..... C-Media AC97

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by wilben In reply to Never ending shut down wi ...

Open the System Configuration Utility, <Start> <Run> enter: msconfig <OK>.

1. Select ?Selective Startup? then deselect ?Load Startup Items?, now click <Apply>.Now when you restart your computer all the programs that load through your Startup folder will not load. Now if the shutdown works correctly then one of the Startup programs is causing the problem. If so then you can either eliminate the offending program or contact that company for help or search on the Internet. The quickest way to find that one program is to select the ?Startup? tap and select half of the programs to run. Don?t forget to select <Apply> and restart your computer after each change you make. By continuing the process of elimination you will eventually find the offending program.
2. If you find that not loading the ?Startup? programs doesn?t make the computer shutdown properly then move to the ?Services? tap and follow the same procedure. Select the ?Hide All Microsoft Services? box at the bottom, they are usually not at fault. First go to the ?General? tab and make sure that you have the ?Load Startup Items? deselected. This will make boot-up faster. Because this process can be time consuming anything that will speedup the process will be of help. If you find one of the services causing the problem then you can usually tell what program uses that service.

The last computer that I used this method on I found that the service ?Symantec Settings Manager? was the cause of the problem. Prior to 2004 programs from Norton did not use this service. What its function is and why they now seem to think that it is needed I have no clue. Disabling this service did solve the shutdown problem but Norton Internet Securities did not function properly, not that it ever did.

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by Jake Bartlett In reply to

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by Jake Bartlett In reply to Never ending shut down wi ...

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