New 780G MoBo Which GPU Best? Do I Need to Stay with ATI?

By kismet4all ·
Gateway GT5676
Quad Core Phenom 2.3GB
2 - 360 SATA HD's
Vista X64 SP1
Graphics: On board ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Open PCI-e slots

Thanks, John

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No but it helps if you do get an add on...

Which would be ATI also. So with a bigger faster graphic card your apps will run a little faster. Just make sure you disable the on-board graphics in the bios when you do replace it.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by kismet4all In reply to No but it helps if you do ...

I just got a VisionTek Radeon HD3870 Overclocked 512MB GDDR4 memory($130 US).

I believe I can use AMD CrossFire to use the onboard ATI3200 AND the HD3870. You recommended disabling the 3200. Do you continue to support your suggestion?

I will ask AMD/ATI Support but I value your advice as well.

Thanks, John Lak

ps also got a Corsair 650W PS.

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Interesting situation

by JamesRL In reply to New ATI GPU

From Tom's hardware,,1785-1.html

It says that its a "Hybrid" crossfire and that only certain cards (like the 3450) will work. They tried a 3850, and it would not work in hybrid crossfire mode, so I highly doubt your 3870 would.

But, would you get any benefit from trading in your 3870 for a 3450? Not sure. On the face of it, two low end cards should beat a high end card, but there is the overhead of crossfire itself.

The only way to really know is to run some benchmarks yourself. I use 3dMark to test these things.

My guess is the 3870 will be at least as fast as the 3200/3450 hybrid combo. The 3200 shares RAM on the MB and thats a bottleneck. But if you can return the 3870 and get a 3450 you will get some cash back.


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ATI Support

by kismet4all In reply to Interesting situation

Thanks for the Reply James,
I have picked up a VisionTek Radeon HD3870 OC 512MB for $130 US! Not certain best for my system. I asked ATI cutomer upport:

I would like your opinion for maximizing gaming for a Gateway GT5676 w/ 9400 Quad Phenoms).
1) It has a FOXCONN Bengal RS780G MB with ATI 3200 Onboard graphics, 4MB RAM and 650W Corsair PS. Is this a CrossFire MB, a Crossfire X MB or none of the above.
2) Is my best option to CrossFire with adding a single new:
Radeon HD 2900 XT
Radeon HD3870 OC Edition, 512MB GDDR4 discreet card
or Radeon HD3470 512MB GDDR4
3) Some suggest uninstalling the 3200 for HD3870 stand alone operation as the 3870 will not CF with the 3200 or
Would I be better off getting a HD3470 utilizing CF with the 3200?
Thank You Very Much,
John Lak

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Some answers

by JamesRL In reply to ATI Support

Given that your MB only has one PCIe x16 slot, it is not a regular crossfire MB.

Using the onboard video to crossfire is fairly recent, and is considered hybrid.

From what I've read, only the 3400 series will work in the hybrid mode.


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While it's not necessary it really depends on what it is you want to do

by OH Smeg In reply to New 780G MoBo Which GPU B ...

IF you have Applications optimized for NVidia Video Cards then one of those would be the best to suit your needs.

If you don't have a preference or a need to use one type over the other then there is no real reason to move from ATI.

As ATI is owned by AMD there is very little likelihood that there will be a problem with your M'Board Chip Set. So that is a good enough reason to stick with ATI for a Video Card. But if you really like NVidia Cards there is no real reason why you can not use one just make sure that when you buy one that there are no known Compatibility Issues with your M'Board type.

Just remember that a basic PCI Express Video Card has 256 MEG of Video RAM so don't consider anything less and more will not hurt depending on what you are doing. If it is Graphics Intensive 512 or a GIG of Video RAM will not go astray if you are just using Spread Sheets, Word Processors and Web then a 256 MEG Video card will be fine.

When you plug in the Video Card it should disable the On Board Video and free up RAM for System use but it certainly doesn't hurt to read the manual.



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Best Graphics Cards for the Money: June 08

by joshgamble In reply to New 780G MoBo Which GPU B ...

It depends on what you are doing, but here's a list of the best graphics cards for the money as of this month:,1942.html

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