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New DSL connection

By alex555 ·
I recently set up a network which consists of 4 computers and a server. I had a switch and a cisco router connected to my server and to my switch for DSL. No w I changed my ISP and I can't get my same router working on this new ISP. All I did is installed the software for the new ISP on my server and left the connections the way they were. What could be the problem?

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Good point

by alex555 In reply to obviuosly....

so your saying that I would need to get rid of my router and get a new one, or just change my DNS and Ip

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Your router is fine

by LordInfidel In reply to Good point

Several things...

1. Make sure that the external IP address of the router is correct. If you can not ping the default gateway, then something is wrong.

2. You can not use the same external (public) IP address or DNS servers that you had from your previous ISP. You *must use* the IP address provided by your new ISP. That IP address will become the external IP of your router. That IP must have a subnet mask and default gateway assigned to it. Without those 3 things, nothing will work. Not even DNS.

If none of this makes sense to you, then I would abandon using the router. And go back using their modem and connecting it to one machine.

OR buy a dsl router and be done with it.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Your router is fine

What?.... you are not going to offer instructions on router config parameters and ACL setup?... Spoil sport P

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by LordInfidel In reply to What?

My dogs kept me up all night..... I'm exhausted.
The bastards.

And I'm in the middle of doing actual work for the job that pays my bills. Securing a linux box that is on the west coast while i'm on the east coast.

Just got done building and installing it's firewall, now i'm moving on to building out IPSec <FreeS/WAN>.

I should just go home and do it from there.

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It makes a lot of sense

by alex555 In reply to Your router is fine

It makes a lot of sense, but how could I find out what the new IP address is from the new ISP?

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Do you *have* a static IP?

by LordInfidel In reply to It makes a lot of sense

You would know if you had a static IP address. You would of have had to request it from them.

If they did not assign you a static IP then you need to use DHCP in order to get the IP. Which means your IP address changes and does not stay the same.

If you did request a static IP and just don't know what it is, you need to call their tech support and ask them.

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familiar with router setup ??

by omie In reply to Good point

If you are not familiar it is either read your router manual or ask somebody to configure it out for you. We can't give you the details on how to set up, for each router manufacturer varies on the configuration. One of them is the password to access the setting and what mode to use. Some router could be accessed through GUI and a lot of them through hyperterminal. Again you need a knowledge on tcp/ip, NAT, encryption and mode of connections.

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