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New motherboard and display problem

By josray ·
I have changed the mother board of a PC and used the old processor. When I booted up i found out that I had no display.
Can anyone help please?

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by TheChas In reply to Got Your Message

Got your latest message.

The TR forums are not limited in the number of postings. They are limited to a fixed number of branches under each main post.

That is why I posted this to an earlier post so that we can have some more levels of posting.

Anyhow, Windows XP does not take well to having an existing installation moved to new hardware. The most likely cause of both the blue screen error message and the reboot is that the hardware on your new motherboard is different enough from the old motherboard that as the drivers for the old hardware are being loaded, they cause critical errors to be generated.

Do you have your XP CD?

What you need to do, is perform a repair installation of XP. Also referred to as an in-place upgrade.

What you do, is boot from the XP CD and follow the prompts to install XP. You will reach a point in the installation process where the installer will ask if you want to repair the existing installation, or replace the existing installation.

Choose the repair option.

NOTE: this may not work if the XP CD is of a different service pack level than your installation. That is, if your CD is for XP Service Pack 1, and you have Service Pack 2 installed, the repair option usually does not work.

What you need in the case of different service pack levels, is a "slip-streamed" installation CD.


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