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New & moved PC deployments

By Tech_Lady ·
Our organization has purchased several new Dell PCs with XP Pro preinstalled (each with its own license). I need to deploy these to users and add additional software they currently have installed. Also, their old systems will be moved to other users who use different software. What is the best way to complete these deployments without having to manually wipe and install everything many times? Sysprep and cloning? I was concerned about license keys. We are a non-profit so cost is important. Our network is a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory environment. Thanks for any help and ideas.

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If you've got spare time and an available system,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to On hold

you can practice on it. No need to wait on the new iron, and you'll be more relaxed practicing new skills on a system that won't be going into use.

Don't hesitate to post questions as you go. Remember to use the 'Ask a Question' button instead of 'Start a Discussion'.

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A blog response from a TR member

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to New & moved PC deployment ...


A TR member submitted a blog in response to your question. Hope it helps! (and thanks, Ron!)

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Thank you, Sonja.

by Ron K. In reply to A blog response from a TR ...

As you know, the question was posted almost at the very same time as I submitted my article to you. I was sitting on pins and needles waiting to see if it was going to be published so that I could provide a link here. You beat me to it. <br>
I hope that it's helpful.

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Good stuff there.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Thank you, Sonja.

Very useful, detailed info for those who choose to use the product.

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I appreciate it, Palmetto.

by Ron K. In reply to Good stuff there.

Some minor details are missing but as everyone's migration will likely be unique I didn't think they were worth including.<br>
For instance, during a 40GB migration, XP MCE to XP Pro, -not described in the blog- there were 166,000+ files to be moved and over 311,000 settings. The number of files didn't surprise me as that's easy to determine. The number of settings was a little bit shocking.

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