New OS With New Motherboard?

By mraftice ·
Am I correct that if you replace the motherboard on a machine that has a legally licensed copy of Windows XP that you have to buy another license because Microsoft considers it a "New Machine?"

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ask bios maker to make bios work with current activation

by rtroy56 In reply to Something else you can tr ...

I did ask the bios maker if they could figure out what XP was looking for in the bios and do it themselves. They indicated that there were issues with copyrights, etc. along with possible technical problems were they to try to do that.

What would be nice would be, since they are a big source of bios updates, if they would work out something with MS to make this easier.

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Try the activation again

by nentech In reply to ask bios maker to make bi ...

Update your bios

Then contact Microsoft again

Tell them you need to activate windows

If they ask why

Tell them the computer had to be repaired

If they ask you why

Just say something didn?t work properly and it had to be fixed

Do not say any more than you have to

That?s why you changed the bios
It was because it didn?t do what it was suppose to do

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Replacement Motherboard

by nidge700 In reply to New OS With New Motherboa ...

I recently had to replace my motherboard and the
main problem with Windows OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) editions is that you have to reinstall it from scratch. I did read on the net that some official from Microsoft told a reporter that you have to buy another edition of Windows if your operating system is an OEM version. Well I'd already reinstalled my Windows
Pro. from the original CD that came with my computer. It was accepted as genuine at Microsoft when I updated it direct from Microsoft Downloads. So that Microsoft bloke was talking a load of twoddle.

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Painless Motherboard Replacement

by eshelton In reply to Replacement Motherboard

I recently had to have the Motherboard on my three year old Dell Optiplex GX280 (small form factor machine)running XP Pro, replaced. Fortunately, my machine was still covered by Dell's on-site service. The Technician replaced the motherboard and had the machine up and working all in under an hour. He never had to re-install the OS. It was a relatively painless and fast process.

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Like for like

by RobPatten In reply to Painless Motherboard Repl ...

Chances are the Dell technician would have replaced the motherboard like for like with the same model.

If he didn't even have to install new drivers this would almost certainly be the case.

A different matter when a home user comes to change his or her motherboard and cannot source the same model. Sometimes if the chipset on the board is similar to the old board it will work with no re-install required. I have known a deceased Intel board to be replaced with a new VIA board and Windows booted, went through the new hardware wizards and was fine. But you can't rely on it always being the case and I personally would always be happier to do a clean install if the new board was vastly different to the old one.

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Motherboard replacement and Microsoft

by tony.cacciola In reply to Replacement Motherboard

Recently I replaced the mother board in my kids PC. After deleting all the previous motherboard drivers, as I did a year ago with my own PC, and installing the new ones, I was not able to run XP properly. I spent about two hours with Microsoft dealing with the issue. It was finally corrected by Microsoft providing me with a new code key. I would say it depends how your PC and XP get along. I had no difficulty with one and had with the other.

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Windows XP license. Microsoft hungup on me.

by AMVX86 In reply to New OS With New Motherboa ...

Microsoft states that "Only one copy can be utilized between machines." I had called up, being the smarta!@$ that i am, and asked what if i buy 1 copy of microsoft windows XP / Vista and purchase two hard drives and install it on the single machine, just two times (as it being single license only) Their reply to this was to give me a dial tone. I think they need to refine how they word things. lol

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In my experience...

by Eternal In reply to Windows XP license. Micro ...

If it's a direct replacement for a failed motherboard with an OEM or retail license, no need to buy a new license.

If you bough say an IBM desktop with an OEM copy and are upgrading the motherboard/cpu/ram then technically.. yes need to.

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No. As long as you have it installed on only ONE computer

by seacarl In reply to New OS With New Motherboa ...

I've redone my system several times and even built a new compter. At least 3 times, when I installed XP, it wouldn't let me activate it. There is a toll-free number you can call. They will ask you if this is the only computer you have this copy of XP on. If you anser YES, they will give you a number to allow you to activate it. The magic word here is that you have it installed on only ONE computer.

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by fixit In reply to No. As long as you have ...

I have done this a bunch of times. I have a gaming machine I upgrade every 6 to 8 months and have to reinstall. Microsoft just wants to make sure that it is only on one machine at a time. I have the XPpro retail version though.

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