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"New Position" "New Company"

By slapdash ·

You'll see I posted the title in inverted commas.

I have been working for a company for 3 years now and made my way from junior HTML coder to a ASP Developer and Support Consultant ( internaly ). Now the company is doing a split up / re shuffeling and I didnt know if I should start looking for a new job or sit tight.

A lot of new people arrived and was put into positions above me and was labeled lets say "Company A" It was my department.
I talked to one of the current managers and said that I think not being considered for a raise or a promotion is really dissapointing and I cant see myself working there for another 3 years having to prove myself all over again.

I was said to move to a "new company" but bassically the same one as where I was previously, and "new position" as "project manager"

I always wanted to be a Project Manager and I can really excell at it I'm sure.
But basically happened is that they wanted to hire a new person to help the current PM. THen when I said I'll help they said "Great then we dont have to hire anyone anymore" that made me feel great and full of energy to give my best.

But now whats happening is that I'm working for the same sallary but having to do both PM and Development and Support!! So I got more responsibilities but the same sal and no added benefits.

Should i be happy I got an opportunity to add PM to my skillset and maybe move to a different company later in my career
Or should I say something about being taken advantage off?

Any insight / experience / help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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