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New profile and contacts about to go live

By sMoRTy71 ·
Just wanted to give all of you a heads up that the new profile page with the contacts functionality is about to go live any minute.

So please take a minute this evening to fill out your interests, your bio and add some members to your contacts list.

BTW, to add members to your contacts, just go to their profile page and click the "Add to my contacts" link under their photo.

In our next phase, we will allow you to search for members by alias (instead of hunting for them). For now though, you will need to go profile to profile.

Let me know what you all think. Also let us know if you find any bugs.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It should be your true to ...

The discussions started is defiantly incorrect but I'm not complaining for myself but there are a lot of others who have contributed quite a lot here on TR and do not seem to be getting listed for what they have done.

Also what about revoking Chas's Q & A privileges so some of the rest of us can have a go occasionally? Sorry just joking Chas but I've just come from a Question where every single answer was rejected of course you Chas where the first respondent and to me at least appeared to have the correct answer but it was rejected and the question closed with no solution.


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It's Real Purty, but

by willcomp In reply to New profile and contacts ...


Looks very good. Like the design and layout. Hats off to you guys, you're really trying and things are looking up.

Now that window dressing has been accomplished, how about requiring new (and old, if feasible) users to supply a valid e-mail address.

Some more food for thought. How about adding at least one other category under job function. Need something like "PC User" to make it easy for non IT folks. I see some real disconnects between Job Category specified and actual expertise in TQ&A.


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E-mail and job function

by sMoRTy71 In reply to It's Real Purty, but

New users (for the past couple of years) have been required to provide a valid e-mail address (we send them a confirmation message that they have to click to verify). So all new users will have one.

As for the job function, I am hoping to add a field to the edit profile page that allows a user to enter a freeform job function that is separation from the one specified at registration. Once that freeform field is in place, we will only show the existing list job functions when the user hasn't specified something new in the freeform field.

Thanks for the feedback,

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I love it, but

by house In reply to New profile and contacts ...

I still have the habit of trying to click the "my discussions" link... I'll get used to it. It looks pretty good.

I haven't had much time to play around, so I'll let you know if I come across any annoyances.

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Well with any luck

by Oz_Media In reply to I love it, but

They will figures out where the My Discussions link got fropped and will add it back in.
Start Thread and New may screw up new users. New generally means post new thread. Perhaps nixing either New or Hot, who reads HOT threads?

Something to make room for teh My discussions link.

Perhaps even a text link under the Top 5 Listing, below View Top 100, you could have My Discussions or something.

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Yeah, it's coming back

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Well with any luck

We will definitely find a spot for it.

So, since you brought it up, do you all use "Hot" and "New" at the top? If not, maybe we can remove those to make room.

You're right about the "new" link being confusing. I moved "start a thread" to the beginning so that I would quit clicking "new" everytime I wanted to post.

I've worked here for almost 6 years and I still click "new" when I want to post! Pretty sad.

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You could do

by Oz_Media In reply to Yeah, it's coming back

I never use them myself, but I am but one peer and I have my own ways of getting around the site to what I want to see.

I wouldn't use it, but others may.

Gotta say though, the site really is starting to shape up, very well done!

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Hold it... hold it

by house In reply to Yeah, it's coming back

1) I use the 'new' function almost daily, but the 'hot' function... well I've used it once or twice so I don't care much for it.

2) I like the new layout... just rename 'view profile' and shuffle the tabs. I don't need to see my fat head every time.

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Order of tabs...

by house In reply to New profile and contacts ...

Perhaps the "discussions" tab shoulb the first one. I don't care to see my pic and bio every time I want to browse my discussions.

My suggested order...

1) discussions
2) Q&A
3) profile
4) contacts

This way, there is no "extra click" involved.

PS - The "View Profile" link should be named "activity" or something to indicate that there is some functionality in regards to your discussions and questions.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Order of tabs...

HElP ME!!!!

After 4 years trying to get the Tech Q&A and Discussions links reversed or renamed, you come back with reverting to the old style that was a HUGE issue for site navigation ! Say it isn't so.

Bite your tongue laddie!

When people look for navigation, especially NEW people, they will INSTANTLY click the Discussion link (completely missing the obscurely named Technical Q&A) and ask their question in a discussion forum, as that's how other sites have their tech Q&A accessed. I have been trying to get the nav improved here for years, that system was proven as disasterous.

This would be the biggest step backwards I could possibly think of, sorry mate but we'be been there and done that for years, the most horrible navigation issue of TR is finally gone, DON'T ask for it back you blasphemous ........., you know what!

IF anything,

>Technical Q&A, (should be renamed to get help or Computer Questions)
>User Profile
>Contacts (that's redundant)
>My Discussions

Or have a separate tire for



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