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New Technical Q&A idea

By Oz_Media ·
Well everynoe here knows by now that answering question in th eTEch Q&A section is a crap shoot.

Sometimes you will spend half hour or more finding information, checking resources and offering links to people who have genuine problems that we can help with.

It is also well know by these same people how frustrating it is to offer as much help as you can and the question is never Accepted or rejected, and points are not issued accordingly.

There's probably a few hundred thousand outstanding points on TR for all the people who have helped to no avail.

TR has tried to fix the problem by issuing 1000 points to the question poster after he/she closes the question (however this has not been much of an incentive as most people aren't aware of the bonus for closing the question, poor marketing).

I was thinking that there should be a mandatory time limit on how long a question may remain open (supposed to expire now but they don't seem to).

Here's what I was thinking:

A person has 30 Days to close the question and rate the answers, whether accepted or not.

If you DON'T close in 30 days, you get ONE email warning that you have a question outstanding, if it is not responded to in (48 hours for ex.) the allotted time, the points are AUTOMATICALLY awarded to ALL respondents regardless of the answers provided.

I think that TAKING someone's points may cause people to allocate their own points or if not, we all get them anyway.

I find I spend less and less time on the Tech. Q&A forum, because of this. Not because I want the points, but because they do they offer SOME form of thanks or appreciation for your efforts and it is just disrespectful to ask for help and then disappear without saying thank you or if it even worked.

Maxwell, Joseph, Anna and Chas (for example) have worked hard and help people ALL the time with these issues and have achieved a certain level of 'notoriety' for all thier hard work.

When I first started at TR I noticed that just getting newsletter and such built points a quite a bit and now they are simply reliant upon the Tech Q&A answers. To have people reject your answrr is one thing, perhaps another answer will help you to learn more yuorself, but to IGNORE your efforts is snother thing entirely. I think it is rude, it is disrespectful, it is thankless and typical of so many who just surf the web posting their problem everywhere and waiting for an email with the right solution. Most of the time, these people don't care about TR or its members, they just need some answers and have no regard for those who help.

I say FORCE them to reply in a certain time frame or allocate the points automatically to all answers.

ONE problem you say: What about those big 10,000 point questions that NEED to sit until the right solution is found? Well by sending out a notification that the points will be auto-awarded, the original poster simply needs to respond to the email link and check "YES" - I need to keep this question open for further responses.

Those who simply sign up just to ask a question and then disappear will simply leave the email unresponded to, the question is closed, the points awarded and it's gone from the TR server.

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Well I gave up on the Q & A section

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New Technical Q&A idea

For that very reason particularly when I answered a question that was rejected but no firm answer was ever placed so that I could at least learn something.

I found this practice frustrating and while I'm the first to admit that I know very little I would like the chance to learn more when an answer is rated as successful. But on every occasion where I have attempted to answer questions they have always been closed without any results just rejected answers.


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