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By it_isgr8 ·
I am a beg?nner in the use of the LINUX Platform. I need help on resources that are required for beginnnnnnnnnnnnnnners!!!!!!!!!

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Applications on Unix Platform.

by it_isgr8 In reply to Fedora is basically a Bet ...

I have been offered a job by a Cellular i will be managing Applications that run on the Unix Platform.


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Which Unix?

by stress junkie In reply to Applications on Unix Plat ...

As HAL9000 said, there are some very large differences between different Unixes. Given that, you could use any of the *BSD Unixes or Open Solaris. They are all free for noncommercial use. None of them is as user friendly as a typical Linux distribution.

Then there is the issue of which applications will you be supporting? If you are going to be a DBA on an Oracle server you can download a free one user version of Oracle. In that case you would want to find out what platforms this free version will run on. On the other hand if you are going to maintain applications that have been created in house by your employer then you have more options about what to use for practice. If you are going to be coding and compiling then you probably should use one of the genuine Unixes because the Linux file structure is not always the same as a real Unix distribution.

Why are you so reluctant to share details? It seems like you are trying to give the least amount of information possible for questions that are being asked. If you've already been given the job then you should know what platform you are going to be using or you could call your future employer and ask.

Then responding to perfectly good replies with things like "Unix Beginnnnnnnnnnnnner" isn't very polite. The things that droolin said were very oriented toward beginners. For example, if you don't know whether to use a GUI then you're in pretty sad shape. That's pretty basic to using any computer running any software. All in all it looks like you don't know enough about computers to turn on the power switch, much less get work in the field.

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depends what os they will be using at your employment

by DanLM In reply to UNIX Beginnnnnnnnnnner

other then AIX(IBM), I believe most of the corporate Unix flavor's also offer a personal release of their software also. If I was to make a choice to learn on, I would try to go that route.

Also, with regard to supporting applications? Okkkkkkk, db's/binaries/scripting?

I'm guessing here, but I would imagine that with that very generic description of your job duties. You will need to learn some command line stuff. Ie: how to navigate, how to create, delete, copy, move files. How to compile programs?

Shoot, application supportive role can seriously snowball into what you need to have for a knowledge base. Ie: Are you creating make files for the compile process. Are you going to need to create supporting shell scripts for the applications?

If you are only required to know the basics, then the tutorials are there for this basic type of information.... navigation, create/delete/move/copy files/directories. If you are required to have a further knowledge for supportive role, there are tutorials.... But, I really don't know your knowledge background. Have you done any application development is what I'm asking? Haw good is your knowledge of DOS commands and or syntax? DOS knowledge could help you in both learning commands and any shell scripting you might have to do. Makes the learning curve much shorter.

Again, I would try to get the operating system you install at home as close to what you will be using at work to start off.


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SuSe (Novell) 101. - Free and Easy

by scashwell In reply to New to UNIX

SuSe 10.1 is the best release to date. I started with SuSe
on v.7, both on the Intel and PowerPC platforms. It is still
the easiest (all be it extremely powerful) release I have

There is a good amount of processing-power required to
make the release really work, especially fi one installs
many of the applications. I am running the release on a
quad-Xenon server with 4GB ram. In addition to the KDE
desktop enviro, the applications include Open Office and
MySQL (600+GB data). The machine acts also as a web
and mail server supporting 28 email users. I do not think
a less robust hardware config would suffice for our small

PS - I a going to try the Ubutu (specifically the Kubuntu)
6.10 release this week. Will post results after a trial.

Regards to all and thanks to members for their posts and


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