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Newbie getting discouraged

By max98037 ·
Anybody else out there getting discouraged too?? Ive been working my tail off this past 2 years to become a part of this industry and all I want is to hear is one encouraging thing.
How could the economy be so screwed. One thing I know is that George W will not be getting my vote in '04.

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IT Endurance

by Oldefar In reply to I don't think I missed to ...

A fitting analogy. Much like the ship Endurance, the ICT field stranded on the ice with little chance of regaining its position as a sea faring vessel. Unfortunately, there was no Sir Ernest Shackleton in command. No heroic effort being undertaken to rescue the stranded crew. Those who have sailed on in the life boat are focused only on their personal survival.

So the story of Shackleton is great for attitude, great for heroism, and great for ethics. Imagine, a boss who put his people above his own security! Just don't confuse the attitude of the individual with the vessel. Attitude did not refloat the wreck Endurance.

For those who choose to stay on the ice, look at the steel industry today versus the steel industry in the 1970's. The days of large steel corporations and high wages for a large work force are gone. Still, the US has regained a leadership role in steel production. It bears little resemblence to industry that made Andrew Carnegie rich and has not replaced the jobs lost, but there are those in the US who work making steel again.

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You should know by now!

by Oz_Media In reply to Apples and Oranges

that I don't suck up or brown nose. I don't push for acceptance, I don't agree just to be the same as others. In fact, I often stand alone with my views and opinions, I don't gain a lot of friends here by taking sides and jumping on the you-do-so-I-do bandwagon. I dare to be different, I stand for what I believe.

In the case of discouraging someone who wants to try something new, I won't generally join the herd. I am still one who believes that you can do or be ANYTHING you choose.

The number of things I would have never achieved if I listened to someone like you is incredible. Bands woould never be discovered, cars would be scrapped, computers thrown out, houses would burn to the ground, the list goes on and on. You have a VERY negative and detrimental mindset that could bring any company to it's knees.

BC's unemployment rate is the highest in the country and higher than MOST US cities. IT jobs go across the border all the time due to taxation, IT Training is almost as expensive as real career training to become a doctor. Over the weekend, there were NO IT jobs in the paper, nor were there this morning. I know of three companies that are hiring IT staff in my area and several in Vancouver, there's no advertisement but there are opportunities.

My post of the Hot Dog stand, was to encourage someone that no matter what people say, recession and depression is a self inflicted and VERY contagious disease(sounds like you caught it too).

Life is what YOU make it, not someone else. There IS work, if you know how to market yourself. If someone says there is no opportunity in a specific line of work, it's probably because they aren't very good at it themselves. This doesn't mean that others will fail too.

I'm sure that isn't the attitude that has built The United States of America into the free world's most powerful leader and saviour of all God's children.

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by mrafrohead In reply to You should know by now!


"In the case of discouraging someone who wants to try something new, I won't generally join the herd. I am still one who believes that you can do or be ANYTHING you choose."

Even a bat??? **wocka wocka**


Who was this post directed at, I'm confused and trying to make sense or the order, or lack thereof going on here.


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It was oldefar

by Oz_Media In reply to You should know by now!

I think they get so screwed up because the message level gets reached so quickly. A segue lasts a couple of POSTS off the main thread and that's it.

Oldefar had said
"Call it salesmanship, brown nosing, sucking up, or business sense it still had nothing to do with IT specific skills..."

He seemed to think that my response to someone looking for ONLY positive input was sucjing up.
Whatever, you know me better than that yourself.

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Thanks but no thanks

by Oz_Media In reply to You definitely need a ria ...

Thanks for your support/distant agreement, but you should know I don't look for help in voicing my opinions.

People such as needs-a-raise just need a life in my eyes and that's security enough for me in knowing how much of a sad poser/loser he/she is.

I know some of you were smart enough to see the point of the story and the fact that the poster was simply begging for a little reassurance, in which case I felt at least my post wasn't negative.

For those who don't understand, they will be the ones who's jobs the newbies will get by determination.

That's enough for me to be satisfied.

Someone like needs-a-raise has neither the intelligence nor the ability to market himself/herself properly and will always be bitter that others succeed in life.

Thanks for your backing though, I kinda like the story, after all these years it still rings true, time and time again.

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There ARE opportunities

by Jim Phelps In reply to You definitely need a ria ...

I write the following "artistic masterpiece" in honor of Oz, because I'm too lazy right now to check my spelling...

I thingk you8r right, OZS, there are opportunities out there, if you'll jugw go get them,

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by Oz_Media In reply to There ARE opportunities


Ok Ok, I'll use the little ieSpell thing more often!

I think it's just my typing style. Like a home taught pianist, I can play the song but my fingers aren't hitting the right keys.

I think that's why I always get the orphane dletters.

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What Is Your Problem, Jerk?

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Another OM jewel -NOT!

Why are you attacking Oz this way? I agree with him, things might be tough but a resourceful person can always find work. It may not be glamorous or prestigious but it pays the bills.


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don't like OZ

by Passwordchanged In reply to What Is Your Problem, Jer ...

I don't like OzMedia - he's a cynical, hypocritical little harpie. But I guess there is one good thing about him - he's predictable. It's easy to get a rise out of him - just attack his posts the way he attacks other people's and he wets his panties.

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Very observant

by maxwell edison In reply to don't like OZ

I'll give you that raise for being one of the very few to openly express such an observation - a very accurate one, I might add.

You'll find that most people who post on these threads won't go as far as you (or I) have in mentioning such things, because, I suppose, they don't want to be added to his "list" and become a target themselves.

I happened to agree with his opinion, in this instance, which is unusual, but I rarely agree with his tone and his delivery. He really can be quite vicious, mean-spirited, and relentless in his attacks, so be prepared.

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