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Newbie getting discouraged

By max98037 ·
Anybody else out there getting discouraged too?? Ive been working my tail off this past 2 years to become a part of this industry and all I want is to hear is one encouraging thing.
How could the economy be so screwed. One thing I know is that George W will not be getting my vote in '04.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Very observant

What TONE was that in? Delivery? It's a discussion not a joke.
Who ever said that delivery was important, no point in sugar coating facts, I'm not writing a book.

Well Max, we see the same light here, but you're still so far off base with your elementary school personal analogies that, knowing the truth, would be embarrassing enough for you to change your alias.

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Now now ladies, let's try to behave ourselves.

by mrafrohead In reply to amusing

Can't we all be civil?

needs-a-raise - point taken. I can say I understand it. I've seen very negative things come from Oz's fingers, BUT on a flipside he does seem to stick with what he says. And, I've also seen some good things, more lately, which is rather impressive.

Maxwell and OZ, now I know Maxwell's character relatively well. He's been here probably quite a long time before I ever arrived and he's honorable. As Oz also is appearing to be to me.

Now I know the both of you are strong, strong personality types, but maybe put your differences aside for the better of the community.

I think we all ( or at least me ) will benefit from it.

And to answer your question Oz, "Well Max, we see the same light here, but you're still so far off base with your elementary school personal analogies that, knowing the truth, would be embarrassing enough for you to change your alias."

After the word "here", it all goes down hill. The point is quite mean and could be worded a different way that is not as condescending.

You and I have talked plenty of **** to each other, I KNOW you know what I'm talking about here...


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Who me?

by Oz_Media In reply to amusing

It's all been faries and unicorns between us hasn't it? LOL

As for Max, he's the first person to jump on someone else's POST and say "yeah , me too, Oz is ..." Which I think is actually really immature coming from someone with such respected status, here at least.
You know VERY WELL that I don't back down, nor do I get pushed by a nobody who thinks he's somebody.

I've tried to becivil with Max and from time to time, we actually discuss something without it going too far off base.

As someone who considers himself quite clever, he is often the first to take a really pathetic stab, to which I punch right back.

I don't care what someone thinks about me, it's just that he is so insistent on thinking he's got me figured out and spreads his BS like cancer at any chance. Truth is, he is EXTREMELY mislead and way off base, I woun't acept that kind of an attempt at defaming or slandering me when he is so wrong. If hw was accurate, that's one thing, when he's not, it REALLY pisses me off.

Call me an A-hole, I can be when I choose to be, call me arrogant, I've ALWAYS been arrogant.

Call me a liar and I'd rather tear your face from your lower jaw with my fingers and laugh hysterically at your quivering, gurling throat. Have you ever listened really carefully to someone who's been throated? The gurgly noise it's REALLY amusing, I've heard it twice (not from my own doing) and it's pretty funny.

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Why don't you...

by Zulj In reply to don't like OZ

Why don't you just ignore him?

However it does seem to me that you're just attacking his posts for the sole reason of attacking oz. At least when oz "attacks" a post he has relevant reasons for it.

Did you even read his post? I thought it was really good.

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Okay now just a sec

by MallardtooXX In reply to Another OM jewel -NOT!

Even though Oz and I rarely see eye to eye on most issues but he provided what max was asking for, encouragement. Everyone here knows that the Global IT market sucks but you seem to think that you are alone in your observation. For the record max and oz are right here and you are right in your observation. I am not going to appease any viewpoint on the issue but you must stop and look at OZ's post and see that he was merely trying to offer a different perspective. And as for the off topic thread, well if they bother you then don't read them.

Just another overpaid IT specialists POV


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by Jim Phelps In reply to Another OM jewel -NOT!

I think the reason IT jobs are down is that companies spent a huge amount upgrading and fixing everything for Y2K, and then after that, everything was fixed; nothing to do now.

Also, they spent years of money fixing stuff, and so now they don't have the money to do anything.

Things were booming right before Y2K, but since then, very slow...

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I think it was booming becos of Y2K

by onbliss In reply to Y2K

One other way to look at it was, the economy was booming because of Y2K efforts!!!

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How **** of you.

by mrafrohead In reply to Another OM jewel -NOT!

You know Oz actually posted a important piece of information if you read between the lines. Not to mention there was a good point in it.

To flame him is just plain wrong. Maybe re-read it again and see if it makes any more sense to you.

I'd consider changing that nick to "***"

But that is just my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.


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Just ask and it'll be answered...

by ghstinshll In reply to Another OM jewel -NOT!

Oz is a Sr. contributor in the TR community, so seriously... Pay some respect and offer a better response if you're so desperate. Those of us with good skills and good work attitudes/ethics will find work anywhere.. Ask a direct question about finding work in your area might help you out more instead of ripping on people. On a better note, I reccommend righting your attitude and interviewing might come a little easier. Are you willing to move to find work? You should be able to accept a reasonable radius to move within to find work the fastest. If not, be patient, you'll find a job.

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Oz Isn't Senior Anything

by Passwordchanged In reply to Just ask and it'll be ans ...

"Oz is a Sr. contributor in the TR community, so seriously... Pay some respect"

Oz isn't a senior contributor to TR - he posts voluminous amounts of mostly b-s and hateful venom. Then when someone like me comes along and calls him on it, he cries like a little girl... Senior Contributor? HA!

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