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Newbie getting discouraged

By max98037 ·
Anybody else out there getting discouraged too?? Ive been working my tail off this past 2 years to become a part of this industry and all I want is to hear is one encouraging thing.
How could the economy be so screwed. One thing I know is that George W will not be getting my vote in '04.

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alittle girl

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz Isn't Senior Anything

You've made several statements that I cry like a little girl and you've said that I need a 2X4 up the side of the head.

I've offered to give you my address, so if you wish to be cool you can put your money where your mouth is and call me on it. You are more than welcome to visit, I've got a spare room in a house only a block from a really nice lake.

During this time, you'd be VERY welcome to attempt any of the threats you've posted here while cowering in your mommy's basement behind your computer. Instead of making idle threats, that stuff's for the kiddies that sit on the band forums all day, why don't you either A) Shut the **** up because you have NO clue or B) Call my bluff and show up at my place so you can meet your maker.

Why is it that all the little weenies think they're tough when hiding behind the computer?
Ask your mom for bus fare and show yourself child or shut the F-K up ya lille wiener!

As for you pushing my buttons, you don't. I simply can't tolerate someon ewho THINKS they are clever hiding in the darkness and uttering immature threats. Again, if you want my address. I'll put the coffee on.

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proving the point

by Passwordchanged In reply to alittle girl

Your posts prove my point - your buttons are being pushed. It's funny how easy it is. I know, you've heard the sound of someone's neck being ripped open and you think it's funny. And you have the best lawyers money can buy. You are such a tough guy. Mm hmm. The thing is, I know exactly where you live, little man. You are nothing. But you keep on spewing your pseudo-intellectual b-s here and in other forums if it makes you feel like you have a life.

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calling you to it

by Oz_Media In reply to proving the point

I moved three months ago, but as I've said before, you are more than welcome to send me email and I'll give you my address.

Quit hiding little man/woman, stand up and be counted or shut up.

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IT is a Temptress

by MallardtooXX In reply to Newbie getting discourage ...

If I thought it would help you I would **** sunshine up your *** max98037, but it won't and I don?t work that way. It is a real pain in the butt, the problem is that there is a whole new class of IT out there that no one is willing to recognize, the unemployed. Since the massive scale backs and budget cuts many jobs have evaporated just as quick as they came on the scene these are the facts. However I must say one thing that may help to enlighten you, things will come back. IT is going through a metamorphosis of a sorts and it will emerge a lot different than the way it went in. My advice to you is to learn as much as you can, keep a positive attitude and remember that just because the economy has dipped it is not blown out, this is just a bump. The days of golden servers and unlimited budgets are gone. But you must look at the total picture and keep the bigger picture in focus, if you lose sight of it you will most definitely sink quicker than you can swim.
The dot com days may be gone but the IT world is never going to go away the next big boon is just around the corner. That I can guarantee you, keep your chin up things will change.


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Might I ask?

by GuruOfDos In reply to Newbie getting discourage ...

What were you doing PRIOR to those last two years?

If you were doing something else, what moved you to go into IT. If you just entered the employment market, knowing that post 1998 there has been a downturn in IT (supposedly) then why did you choose that career option?

I'm just asking! I know many young people who see what I do and think that that's what they want to do when they leave school, not realising the implications of a career in todays market. A kid may love playing computer games, or surfing the web, but that is no qualification for a job in computers. Having an interest in a field is no guarantee of success.

I didn't want to get into computers as such. First and foremost I am an electronics engineer and that was my career choice from the tender age of seven. My IT path just happened as a result of my training and career in an electronics environment. I also happen to be reasonably competent, but this competence is based on many many years of hard work and discipline gained in electronics.

I hear people ***** about all the IT jobs going to India or other developing countries. What crap! Yes, it's true many jobs are being outsourced to cheap labour markets, but all of these are the menial jobs. Jobs like coding, running call centres and doing all the hum-drum routine stuff. The real 'work'...skilled work, hands on work, on-site engineering is still local to wherever you are...they don't send network engineers to California from Mumbai on a 'half-hour call-out'!

I have many other interests outside of IT where I could make a comfortable living if I so choose. I have many other interests which are just that....interests. They don't necessarily qualify me for a career. Just being interested and wanting to get a job in IT isn't enough.

I happen to like '*****' wife has one and I have spent many happy hours 'playing with it' and learning it's ways and wiles. I have seen a few beavers in my time as this is my second marriage and I have had plenty of girlfriends in the past!That in itself does not qualify me to be a gynaecologist! I'd need four years in medical school, two years as an intern in a hospital then another three years of specialist training and study. Of course, if I 'really wanted to be a gynaecologist', and that was the be-all and end-all, then I's go to school and do that training and learn my metier.

The same applies to IT....there are any number of people out there who have 'dabbled' or have one or two minor certs, or have 'toyed with computers' but they are all in the same boat. Microsofts philosophy sums up the IT now it may not be around next week, or in their words, 'Where do you want to go today?'

A career is for life....not just for Christmas. During your higher education, you should be saying to yourself where do I wan't to go next year, next decade, next quarter century...and prepare before you even put a toe in the water.

When IT dries up, I can go back to electronics....or catering, or retail, or manual work or whatever. Go into IT for the sake of IT and when it's gone, there's nothing left!

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Alas another Cro-Magnon writes ...

by MerchantBanker In reply to Might I ask?

... and a fellow Brit too, I'm sorry to say.

Look Guru, I used to like your posts and you might be very clever and all that, but I don't want to hear about your '*****' (your word) exploits, and I imagine most of the persons (and in particular I imagine most of those of the Female persuasion) who grace this forum don't either.

Does your wife read what you say about her ??

Is it just me who thinks your comments tasteless ?

I had hoped this kind of 'lads' talk had died out in the public arena, and we lived in a modern world but it seems not to be so. Just save it for your mates down the boozer eh ?

Do you know what 'sexist' means ? (it's a modern word by the way, perhaps you missed it ?)

Can you imagine any woman writing Tripe such as 'I happen to like ****' in a forum like this one ??


If I talked about my wife like that I'd soon be force fed my balls, chopped up and served on a toothpick with a cube of cheese.

Man ... !

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by Oz_Media In reply to Alas another Cro-Magnon w ...

That some of us are still so hung up on words that we find some disgraceful.

I don't think Guru was talking begatively and was just using a common slang name to reference the famale ******, guess you don't like THAT one either huh?

I actually thought he had a good point, I'd like to be a gyno but after reading Gurus post, I guess all the '******' in the world wouldn't make you an OBGYN.

As for 'I happen to like ****' I'm absolutely POSITIVE I read that same comment today. I don't remeber which discussion but I'm sure someone said they liked ****, it was attributed to the posters second personality of Camilla, I think?

I'm sorry MB but I don't think we are really that insulted by the use of the more common slang terms here, it all part of growing up I think, we learn not to be so stuffy and stuck up that mere words become offensive.

So quit being such a ****** and get with the program!

OM (sorry guys, someone had to do it, better me than you, I've got a reputation to build).

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Good attempt from the OzMan ...

by MerchantBanker In reply to Unfortunate

Not good enough though.

Me ? Offended ? Hardly.

Disgraceful ? Your word not mine.

Growing up ? Please.

Nope ...

Just speaking my piece. Now I know you are in the music biz, as I have been too, and such language is fine there, but not out here in OfficeLand methinks. Not if you want to stay employed anyway. Try talking about '*****' in the modern office and you'll soon see a harassment suit clunking onto your desk, believe me. And I agree about not being stuffy and it would be nice if many folks weren't, but here we are in the modern world and that's how it is.

By the way ...

Next time I see a 'famale ******' I'll take a picture for you. You used to be funny and interesting Oz old bean, but your running dry and resorting to dissing and ranting. Take a break and recharge.

Straighten up man !

PS ... it's still wrong to talk about your wife like that to strangers. Surely you are not too far gone to see that ?

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My Favority Topic

by JimHM In reply to Good attempt from the OzM ...

Now - I took my ***** out for a walk the other day -- have you played with your ***** today??

The Term has many different meanings - so standing around in an office environment saying the word ***** is nothing. Now if you said something about playing with your Wifes ***** - or boy Her ***** was good... then you have crossed the line...

But Mr. Banker - you can't get into trouble with just that one word - same with **** - I really like **** - could mean that Richard is one **** of a nice guy and you respect him and like him as a person - "I Like ****" .. Now if you said "I Like ****" that is another story all together..

The word doesn't get you into trouble it is the context of its usage... As George Carlin says of the seven words ... **** is safe word to use by itself - so is Sucker - but put them together and your context is incorrect... can you name some others... ***** is safe - **** is OK - Tit is OK - put them with other OK words and the context is wrong ...

All in the words usage - its a word - it can't harm anyone - it can't cause you physical pain -

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It's a matter of relations and personal acceptance

by Oz_Media In reply to Good attempt from the OzM ...

Actually, the last office I worked with was a large telecom company that had literally NO rules whatsoever about what was said in the office. Most of the girls were worse than the guys.

Before that I was the Quality Assurance manager for one of the US's largest phone companies (based in Canada due to FCC monitoring regulations). The girls language there made me look like Art Garfunkle.

I've never worked in an office where I couldn't tell my boss to F-Off when he is an a-hole, nor where the women are offended by such a vanilla term as *****, they accepted MUCH harder descriptions of the female anatomy than that.

The music industry is no different than most, you meet, you plan, you conduct normal business just like any other company. The difference is when your are on tour, the roadies keep it interesting then. The bands fight, the fans fight, the media fights it's just a big bash. Day to day though, it's just like any other business. Gone are the days of heavy metal bands tearing apart hotels and due to the STD's nowadays, MOST musicians are better off married and faithful. The odd backstage party goes off the deep end, but I used to be a security manager for the Coliseum (way back in the OD Canucks days) so I have no problem getting things sorted.

I think you just need to realize, if something offends you, it probably doesn't effect others unless they are as starched as you. TV has desensitized most people's outlook on what is acceptable language in an office.

As for speaking about your wife in a certain way, I think that is up to his wife, some find it humorous, some may be offended. For you to preach how someone talks about their spouse is really off track and uncalled for.

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