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Newbie getting discouraged

By max98037 ·
Anybody else out there getting discouraged too?? Ive been working my tail off this past 2 years to become a part of this industry and all I want is to hear is one encouraging thing.
How could the economy be so screwed. One thing I know is that George W will not be getting my vote in '04.

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Oz and JimHM ... What Fools Both !

by MerchantBanker In reply to It's a matter of relation ...

I see.

So my views and a few simple observations are now 'Preaching' it seems. Well you should know preaching when you see it eh Oz ?

For the record.

I was not at all offended, just sharing my opinion. I thought this to be a reasonable course of action, given that this is a Forum. It now seems to be clearly revealed that neither of you two can read properly, nor can either of you fools divine that my grasp of English is more than adequate, and furthermore JimHM, I do realise that there is such a thing as context, you patronising tosser.

Oops .. there I go, preaching again. I'm sorry Oz, that'll be your reserved patch eh ? You've been posting here too long and too much Oz, and now you believe your own image alas.


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Oz how did this happen

by JimHM In reply to Oz and JimHM ... What Foo ...

Oz man - how did this happen she thinks we are both on the same page ... Ahhhhhh - Run -

You and me - same .... Oh God what happened -

Oh my - we are both Foolish people -

"Oh No Mr. Bill, not name calling"

I guess the banker must know - they is one of themthar VP'ers supervisor types people that knows people..

Vern what are we going to do - we is in the same boat ... agggggg

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Well Jim

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz and JimHM ... What Foo ...

It seems that we have another person here who can analyze written words and assertain someone's character. Makes me wish I was smarter, these guys just have it ALL figured out!

As for us being of similar mind, better you than Mr. Banker, I'd have to censor my entire vocabulary to accomaodate his **** attitude, whoops! I said ****.

Oh well Jim, one day by some sheer stoke of luck, I may be able to meet someone as brilliant as Mr. Banker, but I'm sure I would simply be overwhelmed by it and would stutter and stumble my way through it with sweaty, nervous palms.

What a knob, people have NO IDEA who they are talking to here and yet they constantly try to analyze someone based on discussion comments. This tells me straight up that the person has absolutely NO IDEA how to really analyze a personality.

"was not at all offended, just sharing my opinion. I thought this to be a reasonable course of action, given that this is a Forum."

Opinions are not accepted here, it took me some time to realize that if you have something to say, it better be linked to a website and the rest of the peers must agree with it. It's not really a discussion, this is a place for like minded people to agree on matters to reinforce a sense of personal security and well being.

Mr. Banker, you should know that, you ARE so clever and everything, just pull out the Magic 8-Ball and you can analyze this post too.

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In reply

by GuruOfDos In reply to Alas another Cro-Magnon w ...

>Does your wife read what you say about her ??

Yes....she's usually sat right next to me!

>Is it just me who thinks your comments tasteless ?

Apparently so!

For the benefit of our American friends I should just like to point out that the term 'Merchant Banker' is Cockney Rhyming Slang for 'wanker'.

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by Oz_Media In reply to In reply

Maybe he/she's a pearly king/queen!

I know first hand that your wife wouldn't be offended by your language. British people are often called stuck up or snooty, but in reality they are much mroe accepting of things that are Taboo in North America. That's why British TV is better than ours. Canada is getting better, they don't censor the Osbournes on local TV, whereas in the US, MTV's version of the Osbournes is as incomprehensible as Ozzy's accent. Between his Birmingham stutter and having every second word bleeped (like we don't know what they're saying)the show just sucks and loses all it's laughs.

My ex, ex lives in Suffolk and she referes to me as her ex. C*&T. That doesn't mean she's a pig, just that she lives in a more open minded society that doesn't worry about being PC above all else.

I always called her my rat bag, with true respect of course. "Button your lip ratbag" was one of my pet retorts to her.

Now if Mr/Mrs Banker dude/dudette, is from England, I bet that's why Benny Hill got kicked off the air in its first season.

I suppose Monty Pythons isn't acceptable humor, even though they are some of the most highly educated people in the industry and they are loved around the world.

or maybe it's just a result of not getting enough *****!

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All you want to hear is one encouraging thing?

by maxwell edison In reply to Newbie getting discourage ...

Okay, here ya' go:

You become what you think about.

-Earl Nightingale

(Think about it.)

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scary thought

by maecuff In reply to All you want to hear is o ...

I have ADD, so I think about 20 kajillion thinks every day. I'm hoping to develop a multiple personality disorder just to sort everything out. Oh, and I happen to like ****.

Oops, sorry, I think Cassandra must have taken over for a moment.

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By the way

by maxwell edison In reply to Newbie getting discourage ...

Today you blame George W. Bush for your failures.

Who will you blame tomorrow?

Who will you blame 10 years from now?

Who will you blame 20 years from now?

The person who is to blame for one's failures and/or shortcomings is the person responsible for them.

Who is that?

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George Bush !

by Oz_Media In reply to By the way

And 20 years later, George Bush.

Just having fun! :-)

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No by then it would be Jeb Bush

by JimHM In reply to George Bush !

George can only server 8 (two terms) - then the old man could come back and do another 8 - 16 under the bushes - then Jed could be there for 8 - which would take care of the 20...

**** this guy could blame the Bushes for years ...

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