Newbie on the linux front

By capefear ·
Hello all I keep reading how wonderful linux is as a desktop operating system. I have never used linux before, but the interest is growing everyday. My question is for someone who knows absolutly nothing about linux where would i start to learn it and is there a simple flavor that i can use that is easy to install and use right out of the box. Thanks in advance.

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you can test it without installing

by Jesus_C In reply to Newbie on the linux front

Google mandriva download and download the iso.Burn the image to disk and you cant run the operating system off the disk without making the decision to install.If your happy you can install then.

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Fastest "live" CD--Puppy Linux 2.14(latest stable version)

by kenhultman In reply to you can test it without i ...

At Forget the misleading name-- this is a unique distro that is blindingly fast and extremely easy to configure. It runs completly in RAM so it leaves other live versions of Linux in the dust and yet has a full complement of preinstaled software with many others available as optional downloads. Your configuration info and personal files and folders are saved and accessed via a small logical HD partition. What you have is a live distro that acts as a fully installed one without the Grub or Lilo dual boot manager. If nothing else its a great way to learn Linux before going on to the major installed versions.Also avilable at

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some good sites to check

by jdclyde In reply to Newbie on the linux front

First of all, join a LUG ( Linux Users Group ). People there LOVE to help new people into linux and will be tripping over each other to help you. Many will even hand you a distro already downloaded and burnt to CD. They have monthly meetings and you get a good support group of peers.

Here is an article about Feather linux, that can run off a CD or a flash drive.

O'reilly books are king.

Good luck!

Oh yeah, check out this discussion by TechExec2 about migrating to linux. Will give you some good ideas.

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Newbie on the linux front

by capefear In reply to some good sites to check

Thanks guys/girls for that information, I'm checking on it as we speak and so far so good. Wow seems like linux is more of a movement than software lol. Thanks again and hope to be able to speak more intelligently in the future about linux.

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And if you found this helpful

by jdclyde In reply to Newbie on the linux front

It sure would be nice if you marked it as such...


And yes, it can become as much of a mind-set as anything else.

Here is another GREAT site for someone new to Linux and open source.

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Grab a couple of live cds and see for yourself

by johnson12 In reply to And if you found this hel ...

That is the best advice as to how to get to know Linux. You can find enough info on Google to make your head swim. But to get to know it you have to use it.

Start with these live cds. Ubuntu, Mepis, PCLinux OS, and see which work best with your hardware. That way you won't be fighting just to get everything working.Also they are new user friendly, and if you run into problems the forums are helpful to get answers.

After you get some experience then you can try out distros every week until you find one you love.

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Linux core or Gui

by chauhan_kaushik In reply to Grab a couple of live cds ...

I started iff with Fedora Core 5 ( after Red hat Linux). Red hat is much hands-on linux and Fedora is Gui based . I like both of them.

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by LeeBurchfield In reply to some good sites to check

I'm a big fan of the ubuntu-based distributions. Same thing you've heard about other dists--you can burn the iso to a cd and then boot from cd to use the OS without installing. If you're installing on an older pc, there's a different install cd you'll want to burn. You have to burn the cd in a particular way, not just writing the .iso file to the cd. Free tools are available if you don't already have something.

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Ubuntu--User UN freindly ! ( and slow slow)

by ihulland In reply to ubuntu/xubuntu

I installed Ubuntu at the weekend--compared to "my" windows XP it is SO slow--my XP boots in 12 secs from cold to a desktop ( not that I EVER use thatr!) but I cannot find any COMPREHESIVE lists of shrtcut keys, and the e-mail program is very slow to open too ( P4 2.8ghzt--2Gbyte RAM)Perhaps there is a much more user-freindly version of Linucx out there? Still looking.....

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Save yourself lots of time.....

by FXEF In reply to Ubuntu--User UN freindly ...

If you think Ubuntu is un-friendly, save yourself lots of time and trouble and forget about Linux. Ubuntu is the simplest distro yet.

For shortcut keys go here:

Good luck,

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