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My Athlon CPU died -- probably overheated due to a fan problem. Took it to Comp*** & pd. $120 flat fee; they said motherboard (Abit KD7) & CPU needed replacement. Bought a new Abit KV7 motherboard & Athlon. Comp*** eventually kept my money and returned my computer to me as "unrepairable".
Took it to another tech, who confirmed the old CPU was blown. Almost got it running with the old motherboard (& new CPU), except for intermittent unrequested re-boots. Tried a new 400w power supply -- no fix. So, he started again w/ the new MB. Found it wouldn't post, so I sent it back and got another one. (Will never know whether it was defunct from the start, or Comp*** fried it.) My new tech. said the data on both hard drives was corrupted. Reformatted, and was installing MS XP on Drive 1 -- found it would hang, which was solved by disconnecting Drive 2. Then, just when he thought he had the OS installed on Drive 1, it failed (Clunk, clunk sound.) At this point, the tech. thinks maybe I had a power surge that fried multiple components, except that (a) my old power supply still works and tests fine, and (b) I have my computer plugged into a UPS, so no power surge should have gone through. So now I've bought a new motherboard, CPU, power supply and 2 hard drives. At this point, my computer has been out of service for about 6 weeks.
Any expressions of sympathy are welcome. Theories to help me explain this nightmare to myself also welcome -- especially if there's something I can do to avoid this happening again.

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