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no beeps , not booting up

By Redskin ·
Hey Guys anyone tell me what to do about a computer that wont
boot up. Has power to the mobo, to the cd, floppy, processor
fan, and other peripherals.
It is an ASUS mobo p4t-e 1.6 ghz processor
512 meg rimm in pairs
new HD that works
I get no errors just not starting up. no botup screen no beeps.

Any suggestions?

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One more thing....

by davidfacer In reply to Have you...?

I know u state you have replaced the RAM, but I have seen this problem before with mobos where the RAM is not seated properly or it has a problem with one RAM slot. Try seating the RAM (with no power to the mobo - this is important) in:
1. another slot
2. after cleaning the RAM slot (compressed air?)
It's amazing what RAM slot problems can do for a machine. Also, I hope you fitted the CPU when the board was on a FLAT surface - many P4 boards have been broken by people pushing too hard when fitting the CPU when the board is in the box.

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