No internet for 2 PC's networked with crossover cable & cable modem

By max ·
Hi y'all,

My issue seems straight and simple but I just can't seem to figure it out! I have 2 PC's both running windows Xp (SP2)
computer`A' has a cable modem (a Motorola Surfboard sb5100) attached to it and I've networked it to computer`B' using a crossover cable and `Internet connection sharing'.

The problem is that the PC's can see each other fine and I can share/transfers files/folders without any issues, however the internet on computer`B' will not run. Computer`A' though has no issues running the internet.

`Internet Connection Sharing' has worked great in the past for me. However, due to a virus attack I had to reinstall windows on computer`A' with a fresh copy of XP (sp2) and was stuck with no internet for computer`B'. I was able to fix this issue once, when I noticed that my ISP had changed their subnet mask to I changed the subnet mask on both NIC's to reflect the same on each computer and regained internet connectivity. However shortly after that `fix' I suffered the same virus attack and had to redo windows yet AGAIN on `computer A'.

I've formatted and reinstalled windows sp2 on computer`A' but now I have no clue what to do, the subnet mask `fix' isn't working anymore (and yes the ISP's subnet is still the same). The only difference between the computers is the addition of Kaspersky Antivirus on both, and now while I have no internet on computer`B' I DO have the odd ability to open up (and all other variants like e.g. in my browser and I can do google searches with results too! However I can't do anything else (e.g. browse to other sites, access email, use google's cached pages etc.)

I'm stumped can you help?

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If computer "a" is not on

by ComputerCookie In reply to No internet for 2 PC's ne ...

you cannot access the internet, this is a poor solution.

As I mentioned to another poster today, shared internet connection is notoriously problematic. You are better off purchasing a 4 port switching hub or router, you may find that it is more convenient to get a wireless router. Crossover cable don't make a difference with most modern network adaptors or appliances.

I suggest you speak to your ISP about network settings, or run your setup disk again on computer "a" and then run the internet connection sharing wizard again!

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I agree with the problematic part

by max In reply to If computer "a" is not on

however the result of talking with my ISP was the sounds of Crickets chirping and little *plink* sounds whenever my ISP types blinked their eyes. Out of curiosity isn't there a way in which I can setup up internet sharing manually?

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While I share some of the previous

by The Scummy One In reply to No internet for 2 PC's ne ...

posters thoughts, I do not agree with all of them.

Unless it is needed, you should not get a wireless router. However, a router should work better than ICS.
Also, with the router you get a firewall, which may help for your virus problem (along with Kapersky).
And get some Anti-Spyware on the system.

When you formatted, did you also FDisk? If not, part of the virus could be on the MBR and will keep returning.

I personally dont use ICS, but if you are getting google searches, it is working. Check the Windows firewall settings.

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Yeah I'm getting a lot of flak for not using a router

by max In reply to While I share some of the ...

however at this time a router is not an option till 3 weeks from now and I need to fix this before then. And yes I did Fdisk it (although I didn't use that exact software) Windows firewall is disabled btw - my fear lies in the Antivirus itself I've answered more about that to the guy below.

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Dump Kaper...

by ComputerCookie In reply to Yeah I'm getting a lot of ...

Download AVG Free and ZoneAlarm Free, don't know why it's such an issue that you can't wait 3 weeks!

Whatever you Fdisk'd was a waste of time. Stop wasting time and go with an easy fix!

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by normhaga In reply to No internet for 2 PC's ne ...

Kapersky is a firewall and anti virus/spyware. With the information given I am unable to say what you might need to do. On the other hand, it sounds as if you failed to configure Kapersky to allow the two computers to communicate.

Kapersky wraps into an XP system almost as badly as Norton does. Check your Kapersky firewall settings. It has been too long since I have used Kapersky to tell you exactly where to look.

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I was afraid that someone was going to say that!

by max In reply to Kapersky.

Fact of the matter is while Kaspersky AntiVirus is a dadgum great really DOES meld into windows (I have a total of 17 programs and registry patches combined, just to remove a damaged installation of it) and really the reason why I mentioned Kaspersky was to see if anyone else thought it could be an issue. I guess im relegated to reinstalling windows again (and pray that Virut.Q has taken a holiday!) thanks for the input though

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