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No raise and afraid to ask

By silvioandpauly ·
So I've been doin the IT thing for many years. It looks like the IT jobs pay ALOT less than they used to.

My company hasn't given a raise in 4 years. So I'm still making above the job postings I see. Do I ask for a raise or keep my trap shut for fear I'll get a pay cut?

What a friggin' nightmare IT has become. I saw a college job posting. The post for a maintenance tech was the same salary as a net admin.

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Ideal position

by house In reply to You guys all have great p ...

I think that your position is a model of the perfect IT job. I love reading and education myself in the various fields within our industry.

To have a company pay for my formal training and offer me the opportunity to expand my skills would be a dream come true. Too many IT jobs are departmental and involve assembly line style tasks.

Skill development and satisfaction beat the crap out of salary. ****, I might even work there for free.

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same position here

by Lumbergh77 In reply to You guys all have great p ...

I am in the EXACT same position. I used to work for a big company for 40K/year and was treated like dirt. The company I work for now has about 50 employees. There are a couple others who are somewhat knowledgable about computers, but I am the main IT person. I take care of the network, routers, databases, website work, and have written some console apps. I'm making the same salary you are, but the benefits aren't as good. I have health insurance and only one week vacation (with no sick days) and I don't have an office. I'm sitting out in the production environment which is noisy and full of distractions. But management treats their employees with respect and it's fairly close to homem so I can't complain too much. There's no such thing as a perfect job.

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No raise and afraid to task

by joe_sunga In reply to No raise and afraid to as ...

That is a load of bs that the job posting for maintenace tech and net admin is the same salary, well what happened to the good old days?

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by silvioandpauly In reply to No raise and afraid to ta ...

I couldn't believe it myself. Also saw a job for IT coordinator at the local school district. Was paying about 40K - they want someone with 2000 server and A/D knowledge, PC's, network (routers, etc.)

PS - The superintendant of the district makes 155,000.

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Cost of living increase

by Mikel~T In reply to No raise and afraid to as ...

I would quit working for any company that didn't give at a minimum a 3-4% annual cost of living increase.

And 4 years is a pretty good commitment to any company as an IT worker.

If you are happy where you are at, and if you are making enough money to get buy, you really don't have much to complain about. I've seen plenty of qualified individuals making very little money, but had to shut up and deal with it because it was the only job in the area they could get. The job market is terrible for IT in my much so that most people leave the area just to get a job worth having.

If you like where you work, talk to your supervisor...negotiate a fair annual raise...keep doing the same good job you have been for the last 4 years....


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