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No sound!!! Integrated sound on motherboard

By fathom ·
I just built a computer and fired it up. Everything works but the sound. The operating system is Windows 2000. I tried it with Windows 98 as well to no avail. I've updated the Bios,CMOS, Chipset, Motherboard drivers...everything I could think of. Still now sound. I notice there is a conflict in device manager on "unknown device" under "sound, video and game controllers". I have tried to remove all devices from there and restart the computer. Nothing. I disabled the onboard sound in CMOS and installed a new PCI sound card (Mad Dog) and still no sound. Under sounds and multimedia properties, Sound volume controller is ghost out. Under Audio tab, it says No Playback Devices. My mobo is shuttle AB60N v1.2. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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by CG IT In reply to No sound!!! Integrated so ...

yep case of the unanswerable problem.

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by CG IT In reply to

If the onboard sound card doesn't work, a PCI add in sound card doesn't work, no matter what you do or what driver you install, or computer configurations you try chances are your not gonna have sound.

Buy a new board.

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by fathom In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to No sound!!! Integrated so ...

It sounds like you have a partial load of a bad driver.

Remove ALL multi-media devices from Device Manager.

CAUTION, the next step involves editing the registry.
It is "best" practice to back up the registry before proceeding.

Run regedit.
Browse to the hardware enum key:


Examine the individual keys, and delete those that relate to the sound devices.

Search the registry for "key" terms found in the sound device keys. Delete keys as appropriate.

Shut down the PC.

Install or enable the sound device of choice.

When you boot up, click cancel when Windows attempts to install the sound device.

Run the setup software for the sound device.

On occasion, I have had to wipe the hard drive and start over to recover from a bad driver installation.


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by fathom In reply to
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by RCOM In reply to No sound!!! Integrated so ...

After you install windows you need to run the installation of drivers from the CD provided with the motherboard. Don't worry about what's in device manager until after you've ran the CD. When you run the CD it expands the drivers then the devices will be found and correctly installed. So without running the software the drivers will not be found when windows searches for them. Take out any extra cards until you get all on the motherboard working first.

Run the CDROM if it doesn't autostart open My computer or explorer and reun it from there. Select utilities from the menu and install the drivers in the order listed.

1. Intel Chipset Driver
2. Intel USB 2.0 Driver
3. Realtek Audio Driver
4. Realtek LAN Driver

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by fathom In reply to

I did that....still nothing.

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by Etoile In reply to No sound!!! Integrated so ...

You have probably tried the really obvious - are the speakers or speaker cable faulty? You didn't mention that you had checked ...

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by fathom In reply to

It has nothing to do with the speakers. I can't even add the tray Icon for sound. It's ghost out in "Sounds and Multimedia Properties". I'm sure it has something to do with the "unknown device" under "sound, video and game controllers". I try to manually install drivers for it from the audio driver directory to no avail. The upgrade device driver wizard is searching for "Microsoft Kernel System Renderer" when I do this. Microsoft has no solution for this. I have run into this problem a couple times before on other systems and never could fix it.

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by RCOM In reply to No sound!!! Integrated so ...

OK, let's do this.

You may have done some or all of these steps but maybe not in the correct sequence or something so please read the whole process.

Remove or disable the sound card and modem. Check to see if there's a windows uninstaller in add remove programs. If so uninstall the software for it.

After rebooting make sure the devices are gone. If not there may be a jumper on the mother board to disable the features. After that remove all the multimedia functions using add remove programs, windows setup.

Boot to safe mode and again delete all the sound entries in device manager. Some of the things that you've uninstalled may still be there. Now you shouldn't have anything to do with sound installed on the system at all. When you reboot the sound section in device manager should be gone.

Now go back and re-enable the onboard sound (only). When windows starts and finds the sound card it shouldn't automatically find the driver unless it's included with windows. When it asks you for a path point to the wrong place so that it comes up as an unrecognized sound device. Now you should have unknown sound in device manager. Run the sound install from the motherboard CD. Once this completes go to the next step. Which is updating the system. Especially Direct X. If alls good move on to the modem.

If there's still issues get a bit tougher. Disable com ports, USB and NIC.

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