non system disk while up dating bios..........help

By heather.smith ·
I have an old gateway that I am trying to upgrade the hard drive from an 80gb to a 500gb this system has been fairly reliable for what it is used for, but the hd is going so got to upgrade. this of course requires an up grade on my bios............this is where the problem is. this is a 2001 system I went to the Gateway site found the correct upgrade for my system. folowed the directions in the download opened the file and copyied the contents to a ibm formated floppy. shut down the system, already had the floppy in the drive, restarted the system, and all i get is non system disk remove disk hit any key to continue. I have the system set to boot first from the floppy. i did try to install the new drive with a clean new copy of windows xp but without the upgrade, it fails about half way through the install. maybe i'm on the wrong track any sugestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Was the drive recognized in BIOS?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to bios installed yea!!!

If it was using a normal Format it will be slow, I always use the Fast Format but I'm Inpatient. Besides people are paying for my time so I don't waste it.

Also do not enable Auto Update before Windows opens for the first time or you may run into problems with installing Sound Drivers.

Also depending on which version of XP you are using you may only see 127 GIG Capacity on the HDD. If this happens you need to use a different version of XP to install from something with SP2 or latter on it is required.

You can make your Own Slipstreamed Install Disc with nLite available free here


You'll need a Copy of SP2 and your Sound Drivers so you can add these to the Install so you don't have any issues with uninstallable drivers after you start Windows.

If you use nLite make sure you read the directions for use here



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yes but.....

by heather.smith In reply to Was the drive recognized ...

yes bios see's the hdd but when through the whole xp sp2 install but when it was time to boot I get disk error, control alt del to restart. I checked the boot to.. and changed it to hdd, that didn't change anything. if I leave the xp disk in it wants to reinstal, repair or quit. repair does nothing. hey just went into the bios event log says pre boot error: cmos battery failure. guess i'll be going to the store and try again. although i got no beeps, would this really be causeing my windows problem?

I also changed in the bios so i could see as things loaded. and there may be another issue... as the bios disk manager runs the first one says:
Int 13 Level comunications: attempting Int 13 IO to drive 80 No response

ATA Level Communications: Attempting PM ATA Identify (this is where it sits at a dos prompt)

could this drive be bad?

replaced cmos battery, no change, but i did notice this new hard drive makes alot moaning types of sounds, it does not sound like a spin up. is still wonder if drive is bad maybe I will go back to best buy and trade out??? any ideas???

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If the hdd does not sound good then format it with this...

It is free to us. But it will take time to do the full format of 500gb. Top of my head about 3 to 4 hours depending on which formatting choice you make. After it is done reload Windows and see if the sound of the drive is any better. If not, time to get another hdd.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please mark it helpful. Thanks

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by heather.smith In reply to If the hdd does not sound ...

That would work if the hdd was a second drive but it is a boot drive and since i cannot even bring the system up that would be a bit difficult. unless i'm just not thinking about this right?

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You're not thinking about this right....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to reformat

You can't format the drive the OS is on from within the OS. You need to boot with something like UBCD or a drive manufacturer's CD/Floppy which will allow you to completely wipe the drive before putting the OS on to it.

If you can FDISK the drive, the Windows install CD will see that it's empty and format it for you before it installs. It's that formatting which marks possible bad sectors so they can't be re-used.

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Personally I would be very surprised if the Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to yes but.....

Was correctly Recognized in BIOS as a M'Board of this age shouldn't be able to natively use a 500 GIG IDE HDD.

If it is a SATA HDD you may need to install the SATA Driver before installing XP but if it is a IDE Drive I don't think that BIOS can correctly Identify it as it's way too big for BIOS.

You can try using Disc Wizard from Seagate available here


To trick BIOS into using this HDD or you can fit it to a PCI to IDE Controller Card and then press the F6 Key when the first Blue Screen of the Windows Install appears. You'll need the Controllers Card Driver copied to the Root of a Floppy and will be prompted to insert the Floppy and press Enter when the Pre install finishes looking at the Hardware.


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well i took the drive back

by heather.smith In reply to Personally I would be ver ...

took the drive back and am going to try to use the second drive that i use to use for storage. i am moveing every thing off of it to an external drive. will install windows on this on i think it is a 20 gig which sucks but got to thinking about the current cost of a computer and what i had put in to it so far and well surely i am within what I could buy a new one. so one last try........... well i am still in the process of moving everything off this back up drive on to my external drive, its taking a bit longer than I thought it would, but hopefully, I'll go to reinstall xp when I get home from work. I'll keep you updated.

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While you could fit a PCI to SATA Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to well i took the drive bac ...

And use any SATA Drive in this Gateway to be perfectly honest hat 2001 Version of the newest BIOS Update shouldn't support any IDE Drive bigger than 40 GIG and that is on the High Side. You should be safe with a 20 GIG HDD here.

You can pickup a SATA Controller Card from $39.00 AU Retail so ti should be cheaper where you are and you can use the commonly available SATA HDD's with it without any problems while retaining the Speed Advantage of a SATA Drive. All you have to do is to press the F6 Key when th Windows Installer first starts and insert a Floppy with the SATA Controller Cards Drivers.

While you can use a IDE Controller Card these are more expensive starting at $39.00 AU Retail and they are limited in what they can drive so a 500 GIG IDE Drive which costs more here at least may not be supported by the Card.

It's better to use a SATA Controller Card and cheaper as well.

If you don't have a Floppy Drive available you can slipstream the XP install Disc with nLite available for download here


Just do not forget to read the Guides on the same web site to get the correct method of using nLite from here



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went the easy route

by heather.smith In reply to While you could fit a PCI ...

I desided to just use the 20gig drive I am in the process of reputing all the periferals back on.............but all seems well. thanks for everyones help and input.

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