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By OnTheRopes ·
ABC News is talking about poverty in America being greater than previously thought. Anyone here, besides me, ever live in poverty?

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You are dreadfully misinformed

by maecuff In reply to ABC News has just reporte ...

It's me. Everything revolves around me. Ask either of my ex-husband's. They will confirm that. Or at least the one who is still above ground will.

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I am siding with mae

by jck In reply to You are dreadfully misinf ...

I learned long ago...

When she's happy...EVERYBODY can be happy

And I've never been married to her! :^0

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Our Government(s)...

by OnTheRopes In reply to Non-technical chit chat.

...are clueless about a lot more than just poverty. Wait until unemployment runs out for millions of people. I haven't seen millions of jobs created through the Economic Stimulus package. Why doesn't the news report on that? Paint a pretty picture...

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Governments, plural

by santeewelding In reply to Our Government(s)...

You show promise.

Millions...join me in what we may have to do.

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I think just as good a question

by jdclyde In reply to Non-technical chit chat.

At these poor times in the past, was it still a good life?

I grew up in a very poor house, but we were happy and appreciated everything we had.

So much of todays "poor" still have multiple cars, cable tv with multiple tv's, and everyone has a cell phone.

Put that in perspective of 30 years ago and more how "poor" people lived, and you see a lot of people have created their own problems because of poor spending habits.

I anticipate making about 22k this year thanks to the layoffs, but hardly consider myself poor and still do not live paycheck to paycheck. (not bad for not working for 5 months) Not going for fast food and not using a credit card helps a lot.

The only real lifestyle change going on right now is drinking Canadian whisky instead of scotch more and more.... $13 a bottle is much more my speed right now.

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Define Poverty

by JamesRL In reply to Non-technical chit chat.

I'm pretty sure my Grandparents would have defined it differently than today's generation, or ABC for that matter.

Growing up, financially we were poor, we had a lot of kids (5), didn't have a lot of money, didn't travel etc. But we had a roof over our heads, cloths and food.

We didn't get an allowance, but we did get money for things if we needed (as opposed to wanted). I inherited most of my clothes from older brothers. Same with bikes and skates. I earned a little working for neighbouring farmers. We also planted our own garden, raised chickens, occasionally pigs, ducks, whatever.

I managed to go to university on student loans - my parents were supposed to contribute some big amount according to the formula, but in fact, I got a few hundred dollars a year. I managed by working weekends, and living frugally.

Things were tight when I was laid off in 2002. After the severence ran out and I had to pay the mortgage and other bills on $400 a week (wife can't work), but we survived the months until I got some contract work. When your housing costs are over half of your income, thats scary.

I'm pretty good at the moment, wracked up a little debt, but my house is getting paid down. I can pay and do continue to pay down my debt.


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by TonytheTiger In reply to Define Poverty

Poverty means you only have one television.

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But can still afford cable

by NickNielsen In reply to Nowadays

and a cell phone.

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Took a bus trip to see Chichen Itza.

by OnTheRopes In reply to But can still afford cabl ...

Went through the Mexican jungle and there, in the middle of no freaking where, was a guy in a hammock, under a thatched roofed, no walled hut, watching TV. Bizarre.

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Cell phones

by DMambo In reply to But can still afford cabl ...

We have workers here who earn around $9.50/hour. On their breaks, they're out in the parking lot smoking and on their phones. Even if they only smoke a pack a day, I figure they must spend more than 10% of their gross income on smokes and chatting. Ah well, to each his own.

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