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Non-US Citizens *especially*, who would YOU vote for?

By TomSal ·
Ok this is sure to be a can of worms, judging by past threads on this board over politically charged issues -- but then that's partly why I'm asking it as well.

This question is for EVERYONE of course, however I'm *especially* interested in the views of non-US citizens or ok I'll say it bluntly...folks who really don't care about the US even.

There is only one condition - you can't say you'd vote for no one because that's a cop out and its too easy to get out of the discussion with that answer.

However anyone who is on the ballot for president is fair game -- this includes even Nader.

Please explain the reasons why.

I'm very much genuinely interested in the feedback on this one.



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Its a tough election for me

by TomSal In reply to Non-US Citizens *especial ...

I never think that one candidate is all "hope and glory" or has all the answers, however this time around I will say I'm finding it harder than before to make my decision.

I know the world community at large just simply wants Bush gone -- and that's the only reasoning or rationale they need to make "just get him out! period.".

I'm not comfortable with Kerry or Bush, but yet I wish to exercise my right to vote at the same time.

Bush - the main reasons he irks me (besides the fact he sounds like a bumbling fool half the time when it talks) I don't like how the whole Iraq thing was handled and I don't think our country should of got locked into such a war that takes away the lives of brothers, fathers, sons..and costs us billions upon billions of dollars on such a notion as "let's liberate the Iraqi people!". It didn't look that cool either when there are no large amounts of WMD found either (outside of the few thousand pounds of nerve agent they found - but I was expecting HUGE hoards of WMD capable of killing millions).

When the towers were knocked down its right that our government got pissed. Its right we wanted blood. However, and I thought and read about this a lot since then, today if you ask me if I think Saddam (or Iraq) had anything to do with the answer is "no, I don't think they did."

Now Kerry...he's just someone who appears fake to me through every pore in is body. Every meet someone new and you just get a vibe about the person that isn't good? That's what I get about Kerry. I think he is a BS artist from his first commercial on TV. Every political figure is a BS artist, the problem is most (if not all) are good at "pretending" to be genuine, Kerry doesn't even have that skill down.

It would be scary to see him president.

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I know how you feel...

by ND_IT In reply to Its a tough election for ...

I am in the same boat. I too want to exercise might right to vote, but don't care for the options too much either. Kerry just doesn't strike me much as a leader, especially in a time of conflict. Even though I think Bush fudged the reasons of why we are in Iraq, I think he is a man of convictions and sticks by what he says whether you agree with him or not, he is not back and forth like Kerry.

On the other hand, I don't think Bush has done a good enough job of mending relations with our allies, which I feel even though I believe we are a super power and leader of the free world, we should start acting like it. We do need countries in our corner, and we need to be a place of opportunity and a place where people feel they can come to live that opportunity just like my ancestors did more than a century ago.

I actually wish it was John Edwards for president, not John Kerry. John Edwards relates more to me and more to the people of my state I think, (even though I am sure it will vote Republican again). He comes from rual America, small town, blue collar, doesn't forget about his roots.

What to do, what to do...VOTE!

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About Edwards

by Garion11 In reply to I know how you feel...

You know after I saw him talk, I felt the same way. I felt like the positions should be switched. He should be running for President and Kerry should be his VP. He came off as much more real and if he was running instead of Kerry, I'd have voted Democrat this November.

Another thing that can throw this election up in the air, I wouldn't be surprised if Bush got rid of Cheney and picked Rudy as his VP.

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by ND_IT In reply to About Edwards

Better yet John McCain...

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I'd vote for Rudy

by TomSal In reply to Or...


let's "pretend" that Rudy would be tapped for Bush's VP...since I'm tettering on the line between Bush and Kerry anyway, Rudy would tip me over to Bush for this election. Put aside Rudy's relationship woes in the past, I have to say I like Rudy a lot as a leader. I thought he was pretty decent before **1 but my did he impress me during and after **1. He, in my opinion, showed a textbook example of how to LEAD a nation through a time of crisis.

Besides...please make someone worthy - remember in 2008 everyone is already saying "Hillary!" AGHAST!!! GULP! UGH!!!

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by ND_IT In reply to I'd vote for Rudy

There's a scary thought. I think it's all part of a consiracy theory, GWB to win re-election, to setup Hillary for 2008. Is there is disruption of the space time continum (sp?) :)

Seriously though, I think Rudy would be a good choice for a VP, but there is something about John McCain's charism that I like. IMO, he should be the one in the White House.

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