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Norton Anti Virus - Like it or Hate it

By AshishS ·
What I would like to know is how you guys feel about Norton Anti Virus? Personally, I am in the "Hate it" category. If you don't like this software, what can you suggest that is similar if not better than Norton, and why you don't like it. I am trying to build a business case to move our company off this product.

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I personally

by Tig2 In reply to Norton Anti Virus - Like ...

Won't use Norton. I find it to be a resource hog and to complicate the end users lives by slowing the pc to a crawl.

I personally use AVG by Grisoft. I also support Zone AV. The footprints aren't prohibitive and the software doesn't noticeably slow the performance.

There are a number of good AV tools out there. Best of luck finding the best one for your environment.

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We run Sophus

by clark1 In reply to Norton Anti Virus - Like ...

Where I work, you can manage it totally from the server including installs and updates.

It runs quietly with no noticed difference in performance.

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From a passionate advocate to run to other Guy

by donaldcoe In reply to Norton Anti Virus - Like ...

I was a hard fast Norton AV fan for everything, until about 2 years ago Symantec started making changes to all of their applications. Example System Works versions would not let you install over the older version, additionally you were required to uninstall the previous application which sometimes became a complicated issue if you had more Symantec unique applications also installed. All the applications seemed to share the same operational files so uninstalling one might affect the performance of the rest. I have 5 PC's in my household and after crashing 2 of most important systems because of confused registry's and non-functional backup and restored Symantec utilities. Presently I have NO MORE of their apps because it is my belief that management has elected to fix things were not broke causing a loss of customer base.

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Minority report

by curlergirl In reply to Norton Anti Virus - Like ...

I know I'm in the minority, but I've used Symantec corporate edition at numerous clients over the years and have always liked it. That is strictly for the corporate-level applications - Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition and Symantec Mail Security are the two products I use and like. I do agree with other comments that Norton Systemworks is a system hog and don't recommend it at all. And I don't used the client firewall aspects of the SAV corporate edition product either. I think hardware firewalling is the way to go so I don't generally recommend software firewalls anyway; my experience is that they are all resource hogs and difficult to use.

IMO, this software is just like a lot of other network-level applications - if you take the time to learn it properly from the beginning, then once you've used it and know its quirks and how to configure it, it's great. If not, you can run into a lot of trouble and headaches and end up hating it forevermore.

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A little of both worlds

by wallowamichael In reply to Norton Anti Virus - Like ...

I have used Symantec Corporate edition in the past, and agree that it is usable, but I much prefer CA or Sophos in my network environments. <BR><BR>
I will neither use nor recommend 'retail' versions of Norton/Symantec anti-virus, firewall, systemworks, etc. They have ALWAYS (IMO) been more trouble than they're worth, and I've been working in technology longer than Peter Norton has...

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Perhaps if Peter were still running the show, ...

by deepsand In reply to A little of both worlds

the product that bears his name would still be worthy of it.

Were I him, I'd do everything in my power to force them to cease using my name.

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dan sticks his finger down his throat to express his oppinion

by DanLM In reply to Norton Anti Virus - Like ...

Does that give you any idea what I think of Norton? It sucks, blows chunks, makes your pc **** chunks, and is an all around pos.


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Sheesh, Dan

by Tig2 In reply to dan sticks his finger dow ...

Don't sugar coat it, tell us how you REALLY feel!

And I agree 100%!

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sorry, was kind of graphic wasn't it.

by DanLM In reply to Sheesh, Dan

What can I say, I've down this conversation before. ****, that thread instigated a response from Norton. Last year???? Didn't change my mind though.


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Symantec betrayed my trust & squandered my love.

by deepsand In reply to Norton Anti Virus - Like ...

Once upon a time NAV was a wonderfully trouble free, reliable & well behaved product. Now it has morphed into a resource hog that brings machines to their knees; that is, if it hasn't already killed them.

Machine deaths seem to be most likely when a given installation's subscription has expired and/or one is forced at renewal time to upgrade to the newest version. Clean uninstalls are oft times virtually impossible, leaving the Registry Hive corrupted owing to unregistered DLLs and/or missing shared DLLs.

Support personnel are wholly clueless as to how to remedy these situations, frequently suggesting fixes that are totally unrelated to the problem, referring one to online documentation that contains an overwhelming number of errors and/or has not been update since the birth of Christ, or offering only the suggestion that one re-install the OS.

In some cases, I've been able to work around the problems created by remnants of NAV lurking in the shadows, interfering with IE's ability to handle scripting, by swithing to FF. In others, I've been forced to re-image the machine.

All of this caused me to avoid NAV like the plague several years ago. Today I rely on Grisoft AVG for AV, Spybot Search-and-Destroy for AS, & ZoneLab's ZoneAlarm as a firewall, with no regrets.

My advice is to not walk away from NAV, but to run.

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