Not able to implement Wake on lan

By dvnmus ·
I have a PIII PC (ATX cabinet) and has network card w/ WOL feature. I am trying to do a remote startup from a windows 7 system by sending the magic packet, but with no success. I have enabled the feature in the PC - BIOS.

Both the systems are connected thru' LAN. PC is connected thru' LAN cable and windows 7 system is connected thru' WIFI.

Please let me know if I am missing anything here.



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as everyone has mentioned, gotta have the cable

by CG IT In reply to PSU voltage. . .

the network card isn't going to be able to send the signal to the motherboard to power up. The PCI bus won't send that.

Magic packet is UDP... so if you have firewalls enable, turn them off for testing....
When you use the Magic Packet utility,you can use the discovery feature to populate mac addresses [or simply manually imput them].

Send the UDP packet to the target mac address.

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by dvnmus In reply to Not able to implement Wak ...

Thanks man. I'll try this.

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