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Not sure where this belongs, but, can I suggest a small change to the site

By Deadly Ernest ·
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one of the things that's very hard to do is to quickly tell which posts have been made as a reply to an earlier post in the middle of a discussion, especially as the number rises over twenty. It would be a lot easier to spot and check such posts if something was done to make those posts stand out.

Now I notice the system shows the number of hours since the post was made, then the number of days once it's over 24 hours, and then the date once it's been up about a week. What about having the words hours and days in a stand out bright colour, say bright orange or red or something, and each as a different colour. So once a post says x days the word 'days' can read in say bright green, and when it's 'hours' it can read in say bright read. Thus when I want to scan the list of posts for anything new in the last day or so, I need only stop to look at the posts where the green 'days' or red 'hours' shows.

Someone who knows where to direct this, please raise the idea with the relevant powers that be. Also, those who think it's a good idea, please register your support by either a vote or a post.

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by Slayer_ In reply to Also

That explains it. I switched to collapsed when they finally added the no refresh message viewing.

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The only way I've found to show just "New" posts,

is let's say I'm at the "Discussions" tab, click on one, then click on the actual
title of the blog (if it's a thread to a blog post), then wait for the entire thing to
load, then at the start of the discussions click on the "New" tab. That can be
quite a bit of work when a discussion grows to over about 100 posts!

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My workaround

by NickNielsen In reply to Not sure where this belon ...

My default view is expanded. To find the new posts, I use the page search function (Ctrl-F) and search for "hour ago", "hours ago", and "day ago" to find new or newly updated posts. Being keyboard oriented, I use Ctrl-Y and Ctrl-Z to move back and forth between them. (I could search for "minutes ago", but I rarely get the chance to return to discussions that quickly.)

Yeah, it's a pain in the butt, but it works better for me than any of the other alternatives I've found.

I'm using FF with NoScript and AdBlock Plus.

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Panning for gold...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to My workaround

It's murder on the feet and back, but it has its charm :)
If there's gold to be had, that is...

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