Novell Groupwise conflict with Microsoft Outlook email client

By jes ·
Our law firm uses Novell Groupwise for calendaring and email client. We also have a Cisco Systems VPN (version 4.6 for Windows and WinNT clients) and use Remote Desktop Connection for remote access to terminals within the office. The remote access capability requires certain VPN and Remote Desktop Connection to be installed on the remote user's computer (usually a laptop.) This software causes a conflict with Microsoft Outlook on the remote user's computer (or vice versa0, resulting in much remote use frustration and irritation.

Is there a recommended solution to overcome this conflict so that the Outlook email client can reside on the remote computers and still allow it to be used for remote access to an office terminal?

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Some more information needed please

by matt.midson In reply to Novell Groupwise conflict ...

I guess based on the information above you are using the Outlook Client to connect to a GroupWise POA.

I am unclear why simply making an RDP session to the server would affect a local application running on the notebook, so I am suspecting the problem is related to being connected to the VPN.

Can you please be a bit more specific about the symptoms noticed during the conflict. Is is simply that you can not connect to the POA, Outlook crashes etc.

Also does this still happen when the notebook is connected to the internal private network?

Also can you please elaborate on the setup and the versions of GroupWise and Outlook in use.


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GW + Outlook = Mapi32.dll conflict

by Hagstrom In reply to Some more information nee ...

I know this is maybe not at all your problem, but just in case, I do know GW and Outlook tend to use a common dll, C:\Windows\System32\Mapi32.dll .
Outlook wants its version of the file (around 109KB), while GW wants its version (around 621KB) and Outlook does not like it when it doesn't have its version and will complain with a popup saying something to the affect of; "...a program has caused a conflict with Outlook...".
(I based my dll's out of GW v6.5 and Outlook 2003, so size may vary)

To make Outlook happy, you have to make sure to use its version of the Mapi32.dll file.

Again, this may not have anything to do with your problem, but if not, maybe it'll help somebody else? :)

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GroupWise 7 and Outlook 2003 client

by matt.midson In reply to GW + Outlook = Mapi32.dll ...

GroupWise 7 still uses the old Windows Messaging infrastructure, however it does play better with Outlook 2003 than GroupWise 6.5, but there are still some traps for young players.

When you install the Windows GroupWise 7 client it installs the GroupWise connector for Microsoft Outlook.
Below is a link to some Novell Doco on the Connector, which has some other user comments/gotchas.

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