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Novell to Windows switch

By Mick11 ·
As a part of my contract work, I have been approached with a potential project of converting a Novell server over to a Windows 2k Server environment. There are only about 10 workstations, which are all running some platform of Windows currently and no direct connection to the outside world.

I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experiences with this and would be willing to share their trials and tribulations.

Thanks in advance,

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by Ziskey In reply to You are scaring me

It's not that bad... I would be wary of taking advice from people who feel terms like "MicroSNOT" and M$ are relevant to the discussion. However in this case I would have chosen to keep the Novell solution.

Keeping/Upgrading a product is almost always more cost effective than bringing in an entirely new solution. Licensing and training costs will outweigh any benefits regardless if you're moving to UNIX or Windows.

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I agree

by ddadiego In reply to Find a new contract?
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Don't do it!!!

by tom In reply to Novell to Windows switch

Make sure the person who wants you to do this is willing to accept a downgrade in reliability and
performance. Especially if the server will be both for file sharing and printing.

Good Luck.

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Talk them into staying with Novell

by JimHM In reply to Novell to Windows switch

Talk them into staying with Novell - a Secure System -

Are they going to be sharing applications? Or are the just sharing resources - if only resources then Novell is the best - most secure -

MS has it unsecure track record - Novell woke up, granted it was a little late but they have past MS Network by a mile ....

MS Network is base on the old technology from IBM network (the Netbios days) - old old technology which they haven't changed ... can still do the old Net Use commands ...

Talk them into staying with Novell - better - Secure - and user friendly ... Skip the MS Hype ..

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Why not keep NetWare, and add Win2K

by Eggy In reply to Novell to Windows switch


I've been considering a similar change. There is much to think about. By now you see that people have pretty strong feelings about their favorite OS. It can make it difficult to get an objective opinion. Be cautious.

Would your client consider retaining NetWare, to use for what it does best, and adding Win2K? There might be concern about the 'overhead' of administering & maintaining two OS's, but some research might show it to be equal to or less than that of a Win2K only. That is, retaining NetWare may actually reduce some overhead. I suspect this might prove true, but my opinion is based more on gut-feel that facts. I'd be interested to hear others' comments about it.


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Novell for network, W2K for desktop

by Jim Phelps In reply to Why not keep NetWare, and ...

Use Novell for the networking part of it, and Windows 2000 for the desktop part of it. In this way, you'll have absolutely the best of both worlds.

After all, you won't have Microsoft ANYTHING, because Microsoft stole the Windows 2000 architecture from DEC.

Don't go anywhere near XP or Microsoft networking. These products are Microsoft creations and are therefore dogs.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Novell for network, W2K f ...

That's how I'm setup. I login from a W2KPro notebook to a Netware 5.1 server.

You seem VERY adamant about the MS crap and Novell's perfection, to that I say, YAY!! Somebody else can see the truth.

Wasn't it the X-Files that said "The Truth is Out There". NO S*^T, the truth is right in front of us, people just keep ignoring it.:-)

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Netware works great

by Jim Phelps In reply to Gee


At my previous job, we had Netware 5.x and 6.x on the servers, and the Netware 6.x client on the desktops. We ran either Windows 95 or Windows 2000, with a few running Windows 98 or DOS.

EVERYTHING WORKED GREAT! We had a few problems, but not too many. Best of all, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO LOG INTO THE STUPID PC! That has GOT to be one of the stupidest things about Microsoft "networking".

I can't tell you how frustrated I get when I see various profiles of long-gone users on a particular PC. We don't need any of that on the PC, we need it ON THE NETWORK!

Stuff like that shows me that Microsoft is a "johnny come lately" network wannabee, whose attitude is "me too me too". Unfortunately, Bill Gates is a VERY EFFECTIVE Pied Piper.

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Hope it is across-the-wire and not in-place

by lovell.hopper In reply to Novell to Windows switch

Microsoft has a wonderful document on the subject.
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 301542

The migration from one platform to the other is fairly streight forward. I've done them in both directions, once for the same client. Is there a definite business case for the shift or is it all marketing? Good luck and pay special attention to file level security (it is a bit different between the two systems).

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Shouldn't we be the catalysts of change?

by Robotech In reply to Hope it is across-the-wir ...

I worked for years in PBX/Telephony, NORTEL certified and everything. As technicians we knew that MITEL made a better PBX than NORTEL, still we ended up installing more NORTEL switches than MITEL. Why?

1. NORTEL was cheaper.
2. NORTEL's phones and KSUs were sleek, had cool ring tones, office friendly colors etc.
3. NORTEL had a much more user friendly interface which made programming easier, no need to translate nemonics.
4. And NORTEL had a **** of a marketing team, extending credit etc. and sponsoring local sports events (among other things).

The moral of this story is that NOVELL sat on it's backside and watched M$ outmarket it into the position that it occupies today. NOVELL stubbornly refused to drop prices and compete with M$ simply because they knew that they had a superior product. As Engineers and technicians we know that, so let's not preach to the converted. The problem is that we don't make purchasing decisons. We don't get invited to the fancy cocktail parties... well most times we aren't.

If Novell is going to create some serious competition for M$ in the corporate setting, they need to do their marketing homework. If they do their marketing homework, and provide us Engineers and techs with the tools to convert from M$ to NOVELL then I assure you that we can start reading M$'s last rites.

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