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Novell to Windows switch

By Mick11 ·
As a part of my contract work, I have been approached with a potential project of converting a Novell server over to a Windows 2k Server environment. There are only about 10 workstations, which are all running some platform of Windows currently and no direct connection to the outside world.

I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experiences with this and would be willing to share their trials and tribulations.

Thanks in advance,

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Convert them and make money

by cmiller In reply to Novell to Windows switch

By all means convert them. It will cost them more to do the same basic functions on a Windows platform and it will be less reliable - thus more service calls!!!

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Just tried to Install Novell Netware 6.5

by Robotech In reply to Convert them and make mon ...

Yeah I tried, last night. I downloaded the trial version, burned the boot CD image and tried to install it. It only detected my CD-ROM, could not detect my popular Western Digital hard drive.

Today I got a Microsft Exchange Server 2003 Evaluation Kit in the Mail. I guarantee you that all my hardware will be detected and installed automatically. And if I keep my AV software up to date, configure my router properly, and maintain my backup software running properly I shouldn't have any major problems.

Until Novell becomes as install and user friendly as Microsoft, they will continue to be "the other operating system".

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Must be you

by NetMutt In reply to Just tried to Install Nov ...

I've installed Netware 6.5 many times (all through beta and now in final release)without any problems at all. Maybe if Microsoft fans didn't have to have everything handed to them on a plate . . .

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I resent that

by Robotech In reply to Must be you

I think some of you posters are too quick to insult, by doing so you build up a resentment and create a them versus us complex (Microsoft vs. Novell).
My Windows 2003 Server didn't install either, my Motherboard is faulty.

PS - It's not me, it's the Motherboard.

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So don't make the statements !

by Oz_Media In reply to I resent that

What an hypocrite!
Fig A) Your slagging of Netware;

"Just tried to Install Novell Netware 6.5
Yeah I tried, last night. I downloaded the trial version, burned the boot CD image and tried to install it. It only detected my CD-ROM, could not detect my popular Western Digital hard drive."

"Today I got a Microsft Exchange Server 2003 Evaluation Kit in the Mail. I guarantee you that all my hardware will be detected and installed automatically."

But was it? NO your mobo was dead. Way to diagnose, Robotech! Did the MS install fix your problem, I think not. So before you got telling someone that they are too hasty to jump on the slander wagon, listen to yourself.

Now, I guarantee, without ANY DOUBT, Netware would have run smoother, used less resources and accomodated more users than your MS nightmare. Not too mention, easier to install and configure, easier to manage (less updating and patching of junk) and more cost effective with a greater ROI.

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Calm down

by Robotech In reply to So don't make the stateme ...

Windows XP Pro worked, in spite of the MOBO fault, so I guess that's still a feather in M$ hat. And it was reason for me not to suspect the MOBO. Anyway, I still think that Novell doesn't do as good in marketing as Microsoft, and there are many Novell engineers I know who have expressed that opinion.
Question: Why is Microsoft and Intel based x86 boards so popular today?

Because even though Mackintosh made a darn good PC, they weren?t in touch with peoples real needs, or how people think. They were too busy trying to think like engineers, and selling their stuff at break-bank prices to a public that was getting used to the idea of machines balancing their checkbooks etc.

I get upset each time I have to install a M$ patch, but I guarantee you that all Operating Systems have a vulnerability. Code can be written to turn legitimate processes into a malicious attack, and even LINUX and UNIX systems from time to time have to be patched against discovered vulnerabilities.

I want NOVELL to do better in their marketing etc. Not because I hate Microsoft, but because I know that competition will bring the best out of the industry. If these guys were in M$ position today, they would be robbing us blind. Thanks to Microsoft, many people have come to learn to operate a PC, and monotonous tasks can now be automated or finished in a short period.

I?m a Network Administrator, but I do it as a consult for various clients. I don?t have to baby-sit my servers or my networks. When patches come out, or even new viruses, I?m not running around like a headless chicken. My networks are locked down from the Cat5 cable right to the desktop, yet my users don?t feel imprisoned. It?s not just the OS; as I learned in my High School computer class 15 years ago, the user is a part of the computer system. Microsoft has worked on that simple premise and has allowed the user to interact easily with a chunk of metal. I don?t care what ideas M$ may have stolen from Novell, the fact is, today?s businesses need it right now, who can deliver? So what if M$ needs to patch their OS? Maybe we should lobby for stiffer penalties for cyber-terrorism. That would discourage people from using beneficial tools to write malicious code.
1000 missiles could not have prevented **1, but more alert security personnel and better intelligence could have done the job as many in Washington have said. As long as humans are in the equation, we cannot expect a perfect system, but we do the best we can with what we have. And if it means patching an OS every two weeks, so be it. If the major corporate entities start using Novell, they are still going to get hacked one way or the other.

PS ? Type your articles in Word, use the spelling and grammar checker, then cut and paste your comments.

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First step

by Oz_Media In reply to Calm down

The first step is to NEVER tell me to calm down, anyone who knows me personally will agree.

Secondly, you keep going back and forth between Windows vs Novell to desktop Os's. What is it?

Windoze is needed on the desktop because their near monopoly created the mass use of cheap desktop OS's. We now compare all other software costs to those of Microsnot. If Netware had developed a desktop OS, which will happen soon since acquiring Ximian, it would at least work. They chose not to though, why? Because it would detract from their focus on building reliable, secure and stable server operating systems.

Now, WinXPPro isn't REALLY THAT bad even though as an OS it pretty much sucks unless stripped down to the Win2KPro equivalent, in which case why upgrade?

As for malicious code being executable anywhere, you're right but Netware doesn't patch patches, nor do they have security threats daily. They are NOS engineers that ONLY do one thing and do it right, they aren't cashing in on Flight Simulators and joysticks, just a decent and capable NOS.

Lastly, you need to know how to make suggestions.

I won't type in Word and run spell check then paste here, I don't care enough to do that.
Besides, the IE spell checker is easier and even then I hardly ever use it.

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Reply For OzMed

by Robotech In reply to So don't make the stateme ...

This is a quote from first post in the other Novell discussion we are involved in:
"Vol 14 of Connection Magazine posed some really interesting views towards the furtuer of Windows Servers vs Novell's.

With the roll out of Netware 6.5 that comes bundled with Apache web Server, my SQL and PHP/PERL (AMP), Novell's open source promises are now coming true.

But with performance that FAR exceeds anything from Windoze, will there be a market change in the near future or is Novell positioned to make a slow crawling comeback?

"Novell tests indicate that MySQL running on Windows can only support about 50 users while the same database running on NetWare using equivalent hardware supports 1200-1300 users"

Did you realize all the things that Novell is squeezing into one package to compete with M$?
While Novell and others were sleeping M$ sneaked in NT, 2000, etc. and captured market share. Now they are working hard to take it back. As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

And as long as we can get reasonable performance from Windoze, it will remain the popular OS/NOS.
As soon as I order my new Server from DELL, I'll test Netware 6.5 etc. And if I see where I can recommend it to a client I will. I would never have a client move from Novell 3.x etc to Windows knowing what Netware 6.5 can do, but if I can't find an application running on Novell to do what the customer want's. I'll weigh my options between Sun, RedHat, Windoze. May the best OS/NOS win.

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What did you do wrong?

by Oz_Media In reply to Just tried to Install Nov ...

Sorry but I've Beta'd NW6.5 and it is sweet!
I never had ANY config problems and my raid controllers were found no problem. Why would you instal Netware on a system running a WD drive anyhow? It sorta defeats the purpose of reliability when you don't install to a redundant drive?

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Or you could...

by Eternal Confusion In reply to Just tried to Install Nov ...

Develop real network and hardware skills and go that route. My 16 year old can install MS, but he cannot administer it, keep it stable or provide a decent working environment with it. Novell is a stable and solid platform from which the buggieness of the Microsoft environment was stolen.

I could have just deleted this, but thought an apology is more in order, sorry bad day, but Novell is still better ;-)

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