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NT network w/ lots of IPX talk????

By nippip ·
I just installed NetXRay on our network and see quite a bit of IPX activity. We only have Windows OS's on the network so I am wondering where this is coming from.
When I look at the traffic map within XRay and focus it on IPX I see two broadcastpoints which fan out to most of domain.
I am not sure how to resolve the IPX numbers. They look like 36C3C7D2:0060B099C26C on what would appear to be the host side of the Traffic Map and only two on the broadcast side. 36C3C7D2:BROADCAST and 00000000:BROADCAST with the 00000000:BROADCAST seeing the bulk of the activity.
1st how can I resolve these #'s to machines and 2nd how can I eliminate the IPX traffic alltogether.

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