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ntfs.sys corrupted

By Daz'n'Ash ·
I have a computer that has Windows XP Professional installed with SP2. It was running perfectly until just a few days ago. The owner of the computer told me that it just suddenly flashed a blue screen (BSoD) then rebooted, and continues to flash a BSoD and reboot. It does this even when attempting to go into safe mode. Booting using the option to use Last known good configuration doesn't cure it either. The BSoD error message includes NTFS.sys corrupted. How can this happen and how can it be cured? I have tried 5 different hard drives in that computer in an attempt to install Windows again, but it won't take any O/S other than Win98 so far. Same error message, ntfs.sys. Even after a low level format.

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by willcomp In reply to ntfs.sys corrupted

Let's see if I have all this correct. You have:

Flashed BIOS
Swapped RAM
Swapped mobos
Tried several HDDs including one or more reset to factory state

What we should be left with are common components, if any.

Probably down to video, PSU, and CPU as suspects. Have you swapped out any or all of these?

Also, just for safety's sake, was RAM you used known good?

What you're fighting sure sounds like RAM or video adapter at this point.


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by willcomp In reply to


Just because RAM is new and name brand doesn't mean it's not faulty. Have seen bad sticks from several major vendors, especially high speed DDR (DDR400 or greater).

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by Daz'n'Ash In reply to

You were partially correct, the AGP card cooling fan had locked up and was definately running hotter than it should. Thanks again for your helpful insights into this problem.

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by Daz'n'Ash In reply to ntfs.sys corrupted

willcomp, the RAM is a 512mb DDR 333 Legend ram. It is new, never before used. PSU is original, however unlikely that a PSU would cause this. Might try another one anyway. I took out the AGP card and using the onboard video as a process of elimination. The CPU is an AMD Athlon 1800+ and known to be in good working condition, never overclocked.

Any other suggestions are most welcome.

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by Daz'n'Ash In reply to ntfs.sys corrupted

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