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Obama and the Democrats in Congress CAN NOT . . . . .

By maxwell edison ·
..... properly address the nation's financial woes, because growing government, extending unemployment benefits, increasing the deficit and debt burden (on future generations), bailing out companies, increasing regulation on companies, nationalizing companies, increasing individual dependency on government, allowing - and even encouraging - illegal immigrants' abuse of government services, increasing taxes on the producers, taxing energy, et al - all the things Democrats typically do - are all counterintuitive measures.

It's like trying to lose weight on a diet of triple bacon cheese burgers, chili cheese fries, and monster-sized milk shakes.

Question: What steps would you take if you wanted to completely destroy a free nation from within?

Answer: Do all the things Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress are doing and/or would like to do.

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What a great message yours is!

by maxwell edison In reply to Same here

We are indeed speeding towards the very things we've historically opposed. And when liberty in the United States falls, where will the freedom-loving people flee, and/or who will come to our defense?

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We're in a real deep hole

by AV . In reply to Obama and the Democrats i ...

Both parties are at fault for getting us here. I think TARP was necessary to prevent the total collapse of our system, but the stimulous plan only provides temporary work at best.

I see signs along the highway touting the stimulous plan, and its good they're finally fixing the roads, but Obama hasn't done anything to stimulate small business, where most of the jobs come from. Yeah, he's big on regulating companies, but did anyone hear the paltry job reports today? 83,000 jobs created in June. ****, there are millions of people out of work. Thats a drop in the bucket.

I work for a small business. We have 14 servers, all old, and IT got approval to move to a virtual environment 3 months ago except my company has to jump through hoops to get the line of credit to do so. Everything is on hold until then.

I'm sure the company I work for is not alone. What I don't understand about Obama and the Democrats is that they're more focused on holding business accountable than they are in providing incentives for businesses to grow and add workers.

And now we're on to comprehensive immigration reform, according to Obama? Give me a break. Where are the jobs?


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You are not alone

by jaxent In reply to We're in a real deep hole

Small business can't afford Representatives. On average each Representative has 700k constitutes. When the constitution written they had 30k. The population of a small city or large town. So we should have a larger government (government being the persons in constitutional offices not government employees).

There is no way that 435 people can know enough to run a country the size of the US. That is why the executive has so much power now. The executive has all the employees and can delegate, congress does have that ability, so they get their work done by & for lobbyists. "I have to write bills for 6 different committees. You know banking, you work for Citi, could you give be a rough draft. Yum this steak is delicious."

If we had 10,000 Representatives we could go back to a part time congress. And elect people with real jobs, committee members could be experts in the field they run. And Small Businesses would have access to their Reps or could the owners could run for the office.

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You know, I saw a show the other day

by Oz_Media In reply to Obama and the Democrats i ...

...where a stand up comedian was doing teh usual political laugh fest at everyone's expense, right or left and he made an interesting point.

In 2010, after alll these years illustrating nothing of any real benefit to the citizens, one has to wonder why anyone would actually support either of teh two main parties.

It's almost the same here, Liberals sell us down the river, Conservatives sell us down teh river, nobody gets any real benefit no matter who is elected.

So for this right vs left babble, there;s really no point, the right is screwing up yoru nation just as bad as the left, just in different ways.

The reason I see that so many people supported Obama, even if they have since changed their ways, is bevause HE WASN'T Bush. I know you feel that is not enough, but obviously the American public feels it is.

No, Obama is not the best president in US history, if there can actually be one.

No Harper is not the best premier for Canada, but he's not any worse than the Liberal's Ignateff is no better, BUT.....

With any one paryt in power too long, they simply cause to much corruption. The opposing party hits the news with all of their counters to any move the other makes and points out their errors, whether accurately or not. When the 'second' party gets voted in, their first action is to remove all teh problems that had PO'd citizens during the last party's term.

By changing the guard every few years, one slowly counters the negative actions of the other and a more even keel is found.

So who gives a crap what they do really, as long as one party is not in office long enough to do too much damage, the next party in will start to revert the negatives, before creating their own problems for people.

No ONE party should be in office that long, just look at the horrors of Bush when he had ANOTHER 4 years to screw with people's lives. Four more years and we'd have been having save America benefit concerts and fund raisers.

It's like I've said here for years, people in teh US give politics too much credence. Let them do their corrupt thing for four years, as they ALL will, then trade em off for a new party. The first year they are in, they seek to make positive changes that revert the nasties of the last party and to prove their worth to voters. The fourth year they are licking arse to stay elected. So you get two years where they can do damage, don't gfive them any more.

Politicians and political parties are ALL corrupt, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM, period.

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interesting point there

by Jaqui In reply to You know, I saw a show th ...

a minority government, from a system with 3 or more parties naturally, is a government that is pretty much forced to take the middle road.
no major screwing of the country [ usually ].
since if they push for something that really irritates the other parties, it won't go through, and a reasonable system then would have a new election coming up after it was failed.

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by Oz_Media In reply to interesting point there

That would be a neat democracy to live in.

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to bad

by Jaqui In reply to Hmmmm

Canada isn't quite there.
the lost vote on a proposed legislation only forces new election here if it's specified before the vote it's so. [ other than budget and a couple other things of similar impact ]

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But so very close

by Oz_Media In reply to to bad

Our system also allows one party to sit on the other party's lap and be a watchdog, I've always liked that. Because they will dig hard to find something donw wrong, they then prove it and air it and it DOES cause much fasterh changes of the guard and keeps the parties a on their toes and less slips quietly under the carpet.

No it's not perfect, no it's not even great, but it is certainly much better than most where they are allowed to run amok for four years with little to answer for.

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People love Obama

by AV . In reply to You know, I saw a show th ...

But with all his good intentions and Utopian ideals, he can't turn this big, bloated bureaucracy around. The stimulous package hasn't done anything meaningful so far. All we're doing is racking up debt.

The only problem with your argument of changing the guard every few years is that most people in America are apathetic and they don't vote. If they did, it might be a different story.

I'm with you, all the politicians are corrupt. Then again, maybe they all start out with good intentions and they become corrupt because the system itself is corrupt.


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It's a very common issue

by Oz_Media In reply to People love Obama

When promoted to management, it always seems that it is not what you expect. You have all these ideas of positive change, the guy who's leaving says he tried too but gave up trying long ago. You think to yourself 'No way, I'm going to implement these changes no matter what they say.'

You get into your new role and find it's impossible to get anything changed due to many years of bureaucratic BS that has the company locked up tighter that a nun's arse.

You then find that 'they' start giving you loads of other work that pushes you and steals your focus away from change and creates a life of following the worms.

Well that and he probably wasn't as good as they made him out to be to begin with. LOL.

I don't think he's that bad, the country was in a downward spiral already, it just takes a while to slow down before it gains reverse momentum again. It COULD have become much worse I think, to the point of an almost irreversible downturn.

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